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Viewsat Ultra - Channels MissingTamara10
Pansat 2700a Not WorkingBorikengirl11
FTA dealer in nyc area?imnyc3
Pansat 2700 A - New Bins ? ? ? gupu12
Pansat Ant Inpclady7
need help plzSHADOW458
Pansat 3500 new bin 335 available.RTAP3
New key for Globe cast?kaka1
Clone 2500 to 2700RTAP4
PANSAT 2700The One6
QuestionDr DSS3
Turn autorolls off enter keys manuallyNalin Nyda19
USB Problemmatt layne7
New platinum vs pin problems.............RTAP2
Viewsat 2000 UltraRTAP5
Ppv channelsRTAP2
Pan sat 250 smDr DSS10
Bevs Down thill19516
Newbies and their converted pancraps posts will kill the forum !thill19514
List of Recommended Reputable sites..thill19513
LK or AVthill19514
Pansat 250SM is not roling BEVmbenz1
Anik F3 Helpsam6
Auto roll on new binThe One7
Satellite TV thru Internet free softwareScorp A1
Install 8psk on viewsat hdd s1
Viewsat xtreame. File load problemdantetn10
Factory reset viewsatdantetn2
New keys james bond2
Which file do I use?dantetn4
Ppv channelscanon labtec5
Best Bin for Converted FULViswaa Dure1
Are they showing Pakistan warm-up match tommorrow?sada4
Loop out for viewsat 9000 hdd s1
BEV GuideNas2
Was there a key rollGrim2
Ariza 700 fix out yet?Vasu27
FLu helpDISH1
Just curioussada1
Who is showing Pakistan Vs India match in canadasada5
How good are youJignesh6
Put P1cs of H0t Ch1cks 0n H3r3Hell-02
To all pansat 3500 file availableJignesh10
How good are you 2dantetn2
New Keys & AUTOROLL filesCoolraz3
Ipod 30GB video + leather case for SALElilhelpa2
Captive works 600s premiumAlex Valdez4
Help BIN File.Teddy4
Bring a Viewsat unit back from the dead. kingofbeers1
My box flashing b-75 non stop!joel eduardo ramsdde12
LK please helpzulu2
New bin for FLUsNalin Nyda13
Is it possible to hack att uverse receivers?John Roberts3
Fta is DEADkiran patel9
Pansat prevales ones againbob john1
Bev downRTAP2
You guys are all nuts!!!RTAP10
Gloria confirmed working Fernando4
New KeysAdmin15508
Fixes are available for the following stbjuan Cavazos119
ATN Bangla movedCanadian1
Pantec 2500 (Multistar) HelpNalin Nyda3
Viewsat down please helpYogi_Baba23
New pansat bins releasedThe One8
How do i put keys in ?LK9
New BL Bins - Probably TomorrowLK7
New Pansat bins here....Halloween 10-31LK5
New keys JeyJey1
Does atmega 128 card still work?vittu3
Direct link Download new bin here for pansat 2700Hightechguy2
Where can I purchase RS232 online?dantetn8
Lifetime Classic NANalin Nyda2
SonicView 4000jon cat4
Great siteRTAP2
New Keysjuan Cavazos11
No pictureVasil Bikov4
How easy is it to convert FLU to 2700?aly ray1
For all those who are having problem with 2700 convertedAK AK4
Is 298 bin new one for ariza 700 ?mohamadikhoshshans5
Coolsatt 4000 clone recieverjeet2
Viewsat SettingsTee4
Thi is it, "KING'S PREDICTION" is happening now!!!juan Cavazos11
Pansat 2500 converted to 2700 problembob bo7
BEv change its stream ?hanibal532
now what?Nalin Nyda6
Need help from LK , Mc sunny, stgirl and otherschrisduclo5
CNX is out with Fixshane sharma5
Where is provider 0106 /viewsatRTAP2
Viewsat SettingsTee1
Bin 218 by JVVH, DN down???Vasil Bikov2
495 and 497 helpChip L R1
Thank u juanjuan Cavazos2
Pansat 2500 converted to 2700: Wai for pictureSHADOW455
Cotto Vs MosleyStephane7
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