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Hi CableGuy, I was hoping you could help me out. I have a 2005 Samsung HLR5668w DLP set with cable card slot. When I first got this tv I set it up with a TWC Motorolla cable card and had no issues getting it working, we lived in an apt for a year, no issues whatsoever. I bought a house earlier this year and we moved to the new house (5 CTV drops), 2 splitters (Cable modem and HD TV on first splitter, child TV's on second splitter).

Shortly after moving in channels started going black, HD channels come in great, missing a few channels, Speed, Noggin, and quite a few others that I should recieve, had to drop Starz because they all 10 went black (looks like it locks - says HD or SD, most have audio with no video). TWC has replaced the card once and I've tried everything inlcluding remove card, power off, manual time set, hardware reset, find all channels, re-insert card, channel organization, etc (per another post of yours).

I think the card is provisioned wrong at the cable office or their is a cabling issue between house and TWC, but TWC is pointing the finger at Samsung. Called Samsung and they say that they dont have updated FW for this set but were willing to dispactch service for a fee. I've already had 5 TWC techs out and none of them knew anything about cable cards. I've gotten everything from poor signal (need amplifier) to signal is great (too strong), to TWC no longer does cablecards and I have to take your card (Didnt allow tech to take card, found out later he was incorrect), TV must need firmware, to other excuses but nobody can show me what makes them think this. Nobody actually understands how the system works it seems. Also, I found out TWC did an update on their CC system about the time I started dropping channels. I've requested that they delete my entire setup and re-code it and they claim that they have but see below.. although my card is "tuned state" it doesnt look like it's setup to communicate with their system but I dont know what I'm looking at.

Only once have I ever spoken with a TWC agent who knew anything about cable cards (he wasnt sure why it wasnt working and was going to check into some things and get back with me.. a month ago). The rest of them admint "I dont know anything about these", which is pretty poor in my opinion since they offer the service and I bought a TV after checking that they offered cable card service.

Anyhow could you look at this and see if you can see anything wrong. Especially the conditional access menu as it doesnt look like it's paired with their system. Like my TV see's their network but my card not provisioned properly. Of course it may not work like that but that's what it looks like to me. Please help!

Also, all normal cable channels come in fine (with and without cable card).. just have issues with most of the expanded Digital channels, NOGGIN, STARZ, OLN, FUEL, SPEED, ESPN Classic, etc. ALL HD channels come in Crystal Clear, Some Music Choice is ok to along with some expanded channels come in as well. My account is setup with Digital Value package + Encore, HD Tier, and at one time it had STARZ but I dropped it since I cant get them.

In the cable card menu on the TV.. here is what is presented.


In order to start cable service for this device please contact your cable provider along with the cable card, host, data and unit addresses.

Network Setup
LKC: 75.250 EMM:1
Status: Tuned State
OOB Msgs: 1188

HUNT (If clicked)

Network Provider found
Frequency 75.250, EMM:1

Cable Card Status
Mfr: 0x00 Motorola
Version: 04.21
Unit Address: numbers
xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx (actual numbers not posted)

Download Status
Segments left to download: 0
State: Wait to Start
Entitlemetn Managment Messages

EMM Provider ID:1

Out of Band Channel
Last Known Carrier: 75.250 Tuned

Conditional Access

Encryption: DES
Connected: YES EnabledByCP:no
Auth: unknown
CA enable: unknown
ECM PID: 0x0000
Component PID's:
0x0000 0x0000 0x0000
0x0000 0x0000 0x0000

Host Validation: Unknown 00
Copy Protection Key: Disabled
CCI: 0x03

Interactive Info
IP Address:
UPM Address: 0
Downstream ID: 0
Upstream ID: 0
Downstream: Unconfigured
Upstream: No Message to Send
Ack timeout: 0
Cell abort count: 0
Mac Abort Count: 0
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