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I have a Pansat 2700A connected to a satellite farm with a D*** 500 and two other single LNB dishes. I am fairly sure the 500 is pointing at 110/119 (Echo 7/8.6). It is the other two I really don't understand. The sat button responds with "ALL; ECHO 8.6/Ku; ECHO 7/Ku; ECHO 9/T-13/KU; T-6/Ku; SAT-81; and D******K Package"


1. Does this mean that these are the satellites I am picking up or is this a reflection of satellites I attempted to scan? BTW, these are the satellites that show high level and quality reception... some others show high level and quality initially, but when I check (select) them the quality diminishes to zero.

2. What is "SAT-81"... I can not find it at Lyngsat and my Pansat says it is at degree 0.0?

3. What is satellite "T-6/Ku"... my Pansat shows it at 93 degrees. Lyngsat shows only Galaxy 26 at this location.

4. What is the purpose of the "TP Autoupdate" function on my Pansat?

5. I want to capture as many MOVIE channels as possible given my four satellites. The 500 is fixed at 110/119. What satellites should I aim the other two dishes at to maximize my MOVIE reception? I am located in Utah.

6. Is it possible to get reception from D****t TV using my Pansat?
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