List of RS cable for correct reciever


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here you will find the correct rs cable needed for your box.

Ariza Ultra 400/500- Null
Astrovox 2600-Straight DB9
Blackbird and all Blackbird clones(BOB, Max 1000, Stealth II, MS1000, ,etc.)-Null
Co0lsat 4000 Plus-Null
Co0lsat 4000 Pro-Straight DB9
Coship (All)-Null
Digiwave 6800/7000-Null
Digiwave Diamond-Straight DB9
Dreambox (All)-Null
Fortec lifetime-Straight DB9
Fortec Lifetime Ultra-Straight DB9
Lava 2600-Null
Max 2500-Null
****sat (All)-Straight DB9
Microroyal (All)-Null
Pansat 2300a/2500a and all clones-Straight DB9
Pansat 2700-Null
Pansat 3500-Null
Pansat 5000HC-Null(Also can program through USB)
Pantec/Multistar Max (All)-Null
Pantec/Multistar MS (All except MS1000)-Straight DB9
Pantec MX/Ultra-Straight DB9
Silver bullet/ST 1000/2000-Null
Skyview 500-Straight DB9
Spacestar DVB500-null
Stealth 2000a-Null
Ultrastar 5000-Null
Viewsat VS2000-Null

List of Popular Receivers Firmware Cable
NULL MODEM CABLE (Cross over )
* Ariza Ultra 400/500/700/750/800 & Extreme - Null modem cable
* Blackbird and all Blackbird clones(BOB, Max 1000, Stealth II. MS1000, ,etc.)- Null cable
* Bluejay 1 & 2 -Null modem cable
* Buzz S2010F - Null modem cable
* Captive Works 1000s (CW500s,CW600s, CW600s Premium) - Null
* Co0lsat 4000 Plus-Null
* Cooltec ( Clones only ) - Null
* Coship (All)-Null
* Digiwave 6800/7000-Null
* Dreambox (All)-Null
* ExtremeView Magnam XV3300 - Null
* Koolsat/Sonicsat (clone) - Null
* Kusat Pro 2600a - Null
* Lava 2600-Null
* Max 2500-Null
* Microroyal (All)-Null
* Neusat SP6000 ( SP6000 Premium ) -Null (Also can program through USB)
* Orasat v5- Null
* Pansat 2700-Null
* Pansat 3500s/sd - Null Cables - (Also SD Memory Card)
* Pansat 5000HC-Null modem cable(Also can program through USB)
* Pantec/Multistar Max (All)=Null
* Rex1-Null
* Silver bullet/ST 1000/2000-Null
* Skyview RX600 - Null
* Spacestar DVB500-Null
* Stealth 2000 * Techsat - Null
* Ultrastar 5000-Null
* Viewsat VS200- NULL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- STRAIGHT THROUGH CABLE
Astrovox 2600-Straight through DB9
Co0lsat 4000 Pro/5000Pro/5000Platinum/6000Premium-Straight DB9
Cooltec ( Non Clone ) -Sraight through DB9
Digiwave Diamond-Straight DB9
Fortec lifetime-Straight through DB9
Fortec Lifetime Ultra-Straight through DB9
lava 3200- straight through db9
Megasat (All)-Straight through DB9
Pansat 1500a/2300a/2500a and all clones-Straight DB9
Pantec/Multistar MS (All except MS1000)-Straight through DB9
Pantec MX/Ultra-Straight through DB9 Skyview 500-Straight through DB9 Andy

Quad LNB can do with no additional switches
1 coax cable straight to each receiver

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thanxs again..i thought i already posted this!!!oh well thanks
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