Need jtag help!!!!!!!


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My pansat 3500sd reciever went down last week. in the process of jtaging. I keep getting an load error in the same spot tried with both skybox and wall+jkeys. was wondering my reciever came b80 from factory and the files I have revert back to b70 is there a conflict there if so need to find b80 files future-fta site is closed can any one help!

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here you go

may not work on some may need an older version computer or laptop.

1-- i purchased my jtag cable thru ebay
2-- remove cover of sat box only 3 screws.
3-- make sure your sat box is off and your computer is not running any programs.
4-- connect your jtag cable to computer and to reciever.
5-- now turn on sat box on rear switch
6-- open skymax 2.2 can be dowloaded basically any site make sure its a recommended site.
7-- change setting under adr flash to setting 2mb (7FE00000) and make sure select LPT port 1.
8-- under connection click start and wait till complete then under flash operation select erase and wait till complete.
9-- now under flash operation you will select write a window will pop up at the bottom change from rom file to all files. then select the pansat 3500s-flash 1(29LV160CBTC-70)-full.once you selected this file skymax will automatically start the process of writing the file to your sat box.depeding on your computer it may take a while.
10-- once it says complete turn off sat box remove jtag cable.
11-- once jtag cable is removed turn on switch and
the display screen should show b70,if so you have completed this procedure correctly.
12-- now you just have to load the boot file 80 and the current bin.
13-- enjoy.

you have to be patience and may have to try this procedures many times.

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Username: Dazedone

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you telling me. On one the older reciever Loaded the b70 file fine updated to b80 reciever comes on every thing seems fine but no channels only thing I get is bad or scrambled channels screen even on NASA which if true fta. any thing I missed?
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