Is this legit ? pansat 2500 to 2700


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found it online, seems to make more sense then waiting for a clonse safe 2500 bin .. is it a trusted file ?

remove cover off of Pansat 2500, or FLU, and some clones.
Hook jtag cable to the receiver. Plug in and turn on reciever.
Open Wall Program. Ignore the warning. Click Refresh.
Then leave wall running, and open UNLOCK Program.
Chose ird ST 55XXX 2M
click flash programming then unlock 2-3 times
leave unlock running
open jkeys
Next select the IRD Model and choose ST 55XXXX- 2M.
Then Click on Flash Programming.
Then in the Chip/Sector Programming, Click on Erase, and erase whole flash.( 3 - 4 times)
Then Click on Program, and select the bin jvvh_1M.bin.
Wait for flash to complete. Then Close all programs and reboot your receiver.
You will see one series of b-7-5 Lights, and it will freeze at 5 and on the last light.
Wait about 30 seconds for the box to boot up.
The bin has a channel list in it already.
You can do either a Foctory Setting, or you may delete the channels in channel edit and then scan your birds.
Wait for keys to roll and you are watching both DN and Bev again with working AR. You now have a Pansat 2700!

future upgrade devrea s effectuer par methode de jtag.
furture upgrade will be jtaged into the box.

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Pansat 2500 to 2700 upgrade has been around for 3 month. You have to jtag. It works better using Pansat 2500 clones because thy have more memory.
BIN upgrades might be a problem.
If you are not afraid of Jtag and have a spare Pansat 2500 clone, go ahead and try it.

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jesus of all people that could have responded it had to be you.

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are you guys related.hahaha maybe cousins

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if we were I would kill myself

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Lk is right about the 2500 need a dump file that has been specifically written for the 1 mb chip of the 2500 and only one or two peps have written it or added to it and once burned, you must jtag every new bin update, still highly experimental but have heard it works & executes even faster than BL's way or another, either you may have to upgrade to a 2mb chip and then erase and burn the factory 2700 bin and then write the BL 2700 bins or do this experimental 1 mb dump bin file to continue with the 2500 for the near future..check out this great site for some incredible insights and downloads on how to do this conversion, but at your own risk !!

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I did the FORTEC - 2700 conversion.

the process was simple but the results were sad.

-The remote "0" doesn't work so no enterering keys by hand.
-Every 3rd TP or so shows 30%@0% while the others are 70%@80%
- chan scan only got 146 chans on Echo8 due to above problem.

The good

- seems really fast and responsive.
- did autoroll in 20 secsonds.

will epxeriment more, I can live without the "0" but the other TPs must come back or its worthless.
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