Jtag panset 2700a, help!!


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Anyone knows what do I need to Jtag panset2700a clone.

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Successful jtag of Pansat 2700-n2 (clone)

Copy and paste from http://www.dsstester*com
.for* to retreive

I just thought I would let the few who care know that I successfully jtagged my clone Pansat 2700-N2. After 2 days of reading, countless burns from making a jtag cable, I am happy to say - I see the light (on the front of my receiver).

For those who need info on how to make the cable, here is a good read

As for the process, I downloaded the files from here
(Note: do not make a jtag cable as listed in this link - the 2700-n2 has a 10 pin jtag header)

Time to find a clone safe bin

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One of the difficult areas in the development of any modern hardware system is the production-testing of the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). This is the problem addressed by the IEEE standard number 1149 "Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture". This standards defines a 5-pin serial protocol for accessing and controlling the signal-levels on the pins of a digital circuit, and has some extensions for testing the internal circuitry on the chip itself (which will not be discussed here). The standard was written by the Joint Test Action Group (JTAG) and the architecture defined by it is known as "JTAG boundary scan" or as "IEEE 1149".

The general structure of the JTAG boundary scan test interface is shown in the following figure

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there are 2 available Pansat 2700 clone safe bins...

205v1 0802...by Don Dinero
Vortex 2005 0802...by Vortex
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