How to use compass?


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Please help me I am new in this world.
How to use compass for setup dish position.


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you need first to find what bird you are looking
2.take your compas and be sure that you dont have any magnetic or metalic stuff close to him.
3normaly his nedle will show you magnetic north.
you got probably on your compass two line on cover one is truth north and second show you magnetic .
you need to know what bird you are looking so lets says is 81 w (nimiq)
once your needle stops moving on compas turn magnetic line on cover over needle and search 81 so its direction.
best is to take same kind of nylon line and take same mesures on two diferant place bihand your dish and you will got aproxx direction where to turn your dish.
probably you will have more truble with be sure that you have all info before you start to install dish.and duble check that you have all nessesairy tools and wright dish and lnb.good cable can give you even 3-10% more signal streinght than standard one.
PS you will probably need buy some beers and call your best frend for help you .cheers!!!

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Hello Zejnil,

Please tell me how to find 61.5W, I got from Wal-Mart 'Lensatic Compass' that works or not. also that one has 2line, bottom numbers are 0-60 and upper # are 0-360.
Satellite West Longitude(0° to +360°) => 61.5
Latitude (+90° to -90°) => 42.9
Longitude (0° to +360°)=> 78.9
° Elevation => 37.5
°Azimuth (Geographic) => 155.3
° LNBF polarization tilt (skew) => -17.8
Please help me.
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