Are we really Pirates? Or just protecting our kids.


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I just seen an article somewhere talking about how big media like to make ppl out to look like bloodthirsty ship hijackers.
Here is my opinions.
1. If the gov did it, it would be called defence againt terrorism and
2. Are the ppl really not entitled to fight fire with fire. By this I mean My brain is not free for big media t program with all those sucky commercials over the years, so I am just reclaiming what is mine right? They, the big sat and cable companies have pirated our lives, so a little intellectual freedom, as I do recall is what Canada use to call it before their GOD BEV got hacked, not they team up with America to combat it. They are just Mad that ppl have decided that if the big companies are going to pirate their brains, they are not going to pay for this inconvenience.
The only message I see here is Poverty remains free of contaminated commercials. I see the day comming soon when all their broadcast will be streamed over the internet and they can do nothing about it, but cry that money pirating techniques are not as efficient as b4. What I say, I pay land tax, and when they get the air trash out of my backyard, I will not have to monitor it. Of course that is what we all do, monitor what they broadcast in our own backyards as a saftey net for our kids. Do they really have the right to broadcast xxx amterial in my yard? I think God will have his revenge on the corrupt media, soon too. The next solor Maximun will be the most powerful we have seen in many many years and I think they will cause harm. If it happens, they will say that it was a planned shutdown for maintenance.
I like the idea of this happening, cause the real pirates will scramble and you will see who really has something to loose. We the supposed pirates have nothing but junk airwaves in our yards to loose, they, the real pirates have all the brainwashed customers money to loose and they will fold and falter like real pirates do in defeat. Maybe watch out for that contract you sign in the future."In the even of an act of GOD, any paying cudtomer will not be allowed to cancel their service without special written consent of GOD, us your faithful programming issuer, without paying a early termination fee of $400. This cost covers the cost of our brainwshing receivers and help us regain profits from those who morally elect to, watch, for free what you idiots actually pay for.
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