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Viewsat problems keep mounting // 2007-07-25
Despite all the talks from Viewsat (Viewtech) lawyers, it looks like their problems getting bigger and bigger.

Reports are coming in that majority of the Viewsat official dealers are getting calls from Nagrastar (Echostar security division), they want to know how long these guys have been their dealers, how many units have been sold by them and what kind of support they have been receiving from Viewsat including the files.

To make the matter even worse Viewtech CEO Jung Kwak along with others was found guilty of importing cable boxes to desclamber cable in the past and was fined by the court, that fine is still outstanding, it may not look good when he goes to court to defend Viewsat in North America.

Viewsat's response to the current situation // 2007-07-21
July 20, 2007
Dear FTA Community:
ViewTech has recently learned that Echostar and Nagrastar have filed a Complaint in a California Federal District Court against ViewTech and Mr. Jung Kwak.

ViewTech and Mr. Kwak intend to vigorously defend against the baseless claims made by Echostar and Nagrastar. ViewTech and Mr. Kwak have already retained experienced litigation counsel to help them fight these baseless accusations.

It has also been brought to the attention of ViewTech that some of its competitors have been improperly making contact with ViewTech's distributors, dealers and customers, and maliciously conveying false information to them.

They have falsely stated that ViewTech's distributors, dealers and customers are on some sort of list of alleged infringers of supposedly copyrighted materials, and that they may be liable or named in a lawsuit filed against ViewTech. They have also demanded that ViewTech's distributors, dealers and customers place a disclaimer on their respective websites disavowing ViewTech and its products.

Let's be absolutely clear -- only ViewTech and Mr. Kwak have been named as potential defendants.
None of ViewTech's distributors, dealers or customers are named or even identified in the allegations of the Complaint, or on any other list. The Federal Court has not been asked, nor has it given any interim relief whatsoever to either Echostar or Nagrastar. ViewTech and Mr. Kwak are confident that they will prevail as
the lawsuit proceeds, and they will keep all of you informed of any significant developments in the future.

Your continued business is very important to ViewTech. Indeed, all of ViewTech's success is because you have worked with ViewTech to make VIEWSAT the number one selling FTA receiver.

There's a reason why VIEWSAT is number one,the
quality of the products and ViewTech's customer service.
You have made a choice to purchase and use the VIEWSAT line because the quality and customer service is unmatched in the industry. It is clear that those disparaging ViewTech do so only in a
misguided attempt to promote their own products -- products that cannot match the quality of VIEWSAT.

ViewTech intends to continue supplying products that you and your customers demand, products that continue to push the bounds of FTA.

Manuel de la Cerra, Esq.
Attorney for ViewTech, Inc.

Viewsat in trouble // 2007-07-17
There has been lawsuit filed against Viewtech (the parent company), Jung Kwak (the owner)and Does 1 through 10 by Echostar and the Nagrastar (parent company of Bell and Dishnetwork).
Rumor on the street is that this goes back to August 2006 (Maprom ECM) when Viewsat came up with the fix before any one else, they used Noth American coder to do their fix, sold the fix to others and were on top of the world, by using North American coder they left themselves open.
More recently HashHU bust did not help them either, all this caught up to them and they are in deep trouble now.
There are other individuals who are in big trouble also namely thedssguy and few others who suppose ably left high and dry to fend for themselves.

Reported by SkyREPORT

EchoStar and its conditional access partner Nagravision filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Southern California against a company allegedly distributing free-to-air receivers that allow users to steal DISH Network programming. In the suit, the companies claim Viewtech - which sells free-to-air receivers under the Viewsat brand - unlawfully manufactures, distributes and traffics in technology that helps people pirate EchoStar's subscription and pay-per-view services.

According to court documents, EchoStar claims Viewtech - and its owner Jung Kwak - obtain legal FTA receivers and modify them by loading pirate software onto the unit's circuit chips or firmware that "ensure the device would receive and descramble DISH Network programming without authorization from or payment to EchoStar." Through the use of the internet, the suit claims Viewtech would then sell these modified receivers to "house-hold" consumers.

"The distribution, sale and use of FTA receivers for piracy pose a serious threat to EchoStar and NagraStar," the lawsuit said. Since "FTA receivers are not manufactured or sold by (EchoStar) to receive DISH Network programming, neither EchoStar nor NagraStar can control or regulate the software contained in these devices."

Further, EchoStar said in the suit that as the case unfolds, facts will prove that Viewtech and Kwak "sold thousands of these FTA receivers to consumer pirates for the sole purpose of circumventing (our) security system."

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you don't happen to have a link to the story from 25Jul do you?

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Don!! That story was posted here the 26th of July. This is old news...

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see what you miss on vacation lol
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