VS Ultra freezes when editing channels Help!


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Question: I have a VS Ultra and I'm trying to edit duplicate channels.
But when I push the OK button to delete a channel the box freezes up
and I have to beboot it, sometimes it will let me do one edit,other
times none. Any suggestions or solutions? thanks in advance

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Two questions:

What is your LNB Type?

What is your setup?

If you are using a DishPro or DishProPlus LNB I will post a proceedure for a Perfect Scan.

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Perfect Scan with Dish500 and DishPro (Twin or Quad) LNB (Viewsat Receivers Only)

NOTE: Before performing any of these steps make sure you go into your antenna setup and write down each setup -- You Will Need Them....

-First you will need to reset factory defaults

-Then go into your Antenna Setup and configure

- You will then set your LNB type to Standard and select the port on the DISEcQ where for this sat (119 = 1 & 110 = 2).

NOTE: If you are scanning 119 then you should turn off the power to the LNB of 110 and vice versa.

- Now commence your sat scan by selecting "F1"

NOTE: At the end of this process do the same for next sat repeating the steps above. Once you have completed all scans you will need to go back and reconfigure your antennas as follows:

DISEcQ -- 119 = 1 and 110 = 2.

NOTE: You should have not changed your DISEcQ settings but I posted them above anyway....


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It is a dish 500 dish with the stock dual lnb that came on it.I looked closely and it doesn't say dish 500 or dish pro on it anywhere. It has markings for the two different sats (110 & 119) and a dn badge on th bottom that states dual digital lnbf..thats all I could find. I might have a pro head or access to one. Do I need to change it out? I've used this lnb with a dn 501 and a vortex pro 7700 and it worked fine. Thanks in advance !!!

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try turning off auto tp update.
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