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hello i purchased a veiwsat 2000, when i started i loaded channels by doing a blind scan, and the signal bar keeps changing it goes up then down. why wont the picture come on my veiwsat. AND PLEASEEE help me with this. do i need to input keys? and how do i go to the input keys section. what bin file do i have to load into it? and what loader should i use...please help i would really appreciate it....thankssssss

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go here and register its free and painless read the viewsat section theres alot of good info and every file youll need http://dsscommunity .com/forums/index.php

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Start with flashing the lasted bin[software upgrade], and antanae settings to match your lnb and switches.[If using any or type ].

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thanks so much tons of helppp really appreciate it..if u need any help wid ur receivers let me know im an expert at workin with pansats and other receivers....thanks again

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huh?..If U're an expert on "pansat and other receivers" why the viewsat questions?...NOBODY here is an expert at everything...we all just share whatever we do happen to know..

BTW...Grim and satscanner can teach u a few things about Viewsats or Pansats can

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because ive been using pansat for very long and i recieved a diffrent kind for the first time thats why;)..anyways thanks for the help and the sites that was a big helpppp!!

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Banti - before I forget, you don't need to do a "Blind Scan" for viewsats because they have an option "Network update" "On" by default which will update your transponders when performing a regular scan. Doing a blind scan often results in duplicate channels on your receiver.

However, you really need to read up on this receiver. Most sites including the ones above have a Process I wrote called Performng a Perfect Scan for Viewsat Receivers. I suggest you find it and use it. If you can't find it there, then come and see me at

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Username: Banti

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thanks alot i got my viesat up and running it is working perfectly..thanks sooooo much by the way where can i get the new bins for all receivers?
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