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Hi..I already have a Bev dish hooked up and have a spare Bev dish that I would also like to hook up to the same receiver, do I have to run another cable from my home to the satellite or can I do something to the existing dish to the other spare dish I have, also how can i find a different Satellite to point to for the spare dish.Thanks for reading and hope I made myself clear with my intentions I'm starting to learn about this and really need to learn more..have a great day

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It all depends on the LNB and satellites U have, which U NEVER mentioned!

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Yes yes and 9degrees west give you nimiq 2 or 18degrees east 110 ,another 9degrees east gives you 119 sats from charlie.

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I do not know how to determine wich lnb's i have..I do know that it is a regular bell dish and lnb, i see this type of dish on all the homes we go by..can you explain how to determine the dish and lnb.Thanks everyone

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If you see Bev dishes "on all the homes", guess you're in Canada, haha. The LNB(s) will be "Legacy" type, and have a "D" shaped mount.

Bev dishes are either for one LNB (18" dish) or for 2 LNBs (20" dish). The two LNB dishes have a "Y" yolk at the end of the arm, but may only have one LNB mounted (on the left, looking from back of dish).

If you have an 18" dish, it really is just for one LNB. Some folks will strap another LNB on the side to make a "poor man's dish", or get a special bracket rig. But a lot of the time these don't work all that well, and if you already have a Bev LNB (same as DN), they are not as easy to strap together side by side as the "square" DTV types.

If you have 2 of the smaller dishes, it's better to just set the other one up, and point it where you want. DN satellites of interest can be located by panning the dish to the West (clockwise, or left to right from behind the dish) relative to where the current one is pointing (assuming it is pointed at Bev 91W Nimiq 1,4). 110W is Echo 8,10 and a little lower in the sky than 91W. Keep going and you can find 119W Echo 7.

If you have the larger dish with a place for two LNBs, you can mount another in the empty spot to receive 82W Nimiq 2,3. These dishes have a skew adjustment which allows you to rotate the dish, sort of like turning a steering wheel, to align both LNBs optimally to their satellites. If you're towards the East you skew the dish towards the West (clockwise), and vice versa.

If the spare dish is also a larger skewable one, you could also mount two LNBs to point to 119 and 110 at the same time.

Each LNB used can run a cable to a switch, and your receiver can select which satellite to look at. A diseqc switch with 4 LNB inputs works well most of the time. Bev will often use DN SW21 switches to combine their LNBs on skewable dishes, so you could look also to see if one is there, it is good for 2 LNBs.

Use a satellite calculator to give you a good idea for where where to point for your location. If using a skewable dish, it's best to get the skew setting from a calculator, set the skew while you're on the ground, tune in one sat, then fine tune the skew for the other if necessary. A good sat calculator is here:
To look at different channels available on different sats, look at lyng packages for Americas.

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thank you very much your knowledge is appreciated. I'm sure once i do this i will be asking more questions in regards to this setup and skewing from the receiver.
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