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a friend of mine, he's box went out , no channel, no signal, no quality,
i try his box in my house but will not work!
brand : megasat ?
dont know how to get a fix or what kind of fix to get, how can i find out what kind of fix i need?
i tried to scan chann
anybody have ideas ?
all i know for system information:

x-85BL DN
boot ver : 6.0
3 feb 2007

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Looks like it's a 2500 clone megasat. X85BL-293T bin (clone safe)would be the one to load. Make sure it has a "T" after the "293", signifying it's been modded by Chancysand. Uses straight through cable like 2500 and Blacklist updater 1.4 is fine to use.

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It sounds like a hardware problem, if you can't get signal, you won't get quality nor channels, I can see that you can go through the menus, that means the box is not dead, check the configuration for each sat, if you are using a Diseqc and a single LNB then plug the cable directly from the LNB to the input on the receiver, then at the options select the 22KHz off and the Diseqc off, then check if you have signal level....

If you don't get any results with that then you should check inside the box for any burned out component....
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