CaptiveWorks 600S Premium Features Guide


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CaptiveWorks 600S Premium Features Guide


thanks to my buddy mrokarvi.with tp updated info by arbor.

CaptiveWorks 600S Premium Features Guide

Created by Mrokarvi
Here is a How Tos guide for all of the features available in CW600s Premium.

1.How to change EPG style? (Available in V1.13 Premium)
Now EPG style can be changed to new or old style. New EPG style looks great but if you are using full channel name Old EPG style will work good for you because it got more room to show full channel names. Here is how you can change EPG style.
Main Menu ->System settings-> OSD -> EPG Style -> Old or New

2.How to Turn ON/OFF Display Icon feature? (Available in V1.13 Premium)
Premium model allows you to see Icon in EPG and also on right upper corner of the screen. To make this feature work you have to load the Icon.BIN file to your receiver. After you have loaded the Icon.BIN file must turn this feature ON/OFF to see Icons in EPG and on screen.
Main Menu ->System settings-> OSD -> Display Icon -> Yes / NO

3.How to set 10/24 channels display?
Main Menu -> System Setting -> OSD -> Scroll down to Channel List change that option to 10 or 24.
Now whenever you will press Ok button on your remote it will show 10 channels or 24 channels.
If you press F1 key system will sort all of the channels

4.How to set Event Timer on fly?
With new OSD you can set event timer to certain event that will start in future sometimes on fly. Before set an event timer just make sure EPG is fully loaded.
EPG -> Scroll to the event that you want to tune automatically and press "Green" key from your remote. A window will open to confirm date and time that event will start; Now just Press Ok to set.

5.How to Factory Default a CW600?
New OSD the location for this feature is changed but it works exactly the same as in old OSD.
Main Menu -> Installation -> Factory Default

6.How to set time?
Main Menu -> Channels Manager -> Timer -> Time setup

7.How to Enable Patch or Disable Patch?
Exit all menus, Press F1 key; the LED will display 'H', then press '000'

8.How to Edit Patch key?
After Enable patch key, go to
Main Menu-->Accessories--> Key Menu

9.How to configure the SID sort?
From main menu->system setting->system->channel No. style can change:
Normal: Normal sort order
SID sort: Dish order

10.How to Category Search?
1) Make sure the EPG is loaded- to do that just open the EPG screen and see if the boxes are full, if not go choose any box that has no EPG and wait 15-20 sec and it will be filled. (You only need to do this once in the beginning).

2) Then exit and hit F2 on your remote.

3) Category box will open, just choose what category you want to watch and hit ok

4) After 2-3 seconds, a list of channels will open which are CURRENTLY playing these categories (every half hour this list changes when a new show is finished or started)

5) Next to the channel there is the title of the show, if you hit INFO button it will open the full information, hit INFO again and it will disappear. Just select what you like and watch.

11.How to Blind scan?
BLIND SCAN function can be accessed by going to
Main Menu-> Installation -> Antenna Setting -> selecting the satellite
that you want blind scan and press Yellow key on your remote.

12.How to Clone CW600s Box to Box?
From DigitalPlus:
1) Connect the master and slave box with twist RS232 null modem cable (pin2 to pin3, pin3 to pin2, pin5 to pin5).
2) Start the master receiver and press "POWER" key to make it standby "- - : - -".
3) Start the slave receiver, in the master box the led will display 'H' and blink it.
4) Input the password:
111 ---- Transfer S/W
222 ---- Transfer data
333 ---- Transfer data, then S/W
444 ---- Copy whole flash except Boot Loader.
5) After finishing inputting the password. Transfer will begin. When it finish, the LED will Display "-End". Disconnect the cable, start your receiver.
Note: By the different password, you can do what ever you want to do for Box to Box.
13.How to set DishPro LNBs?
DishPro LNB settings can be accessed by going to
Main Menu-> Installation-> Antenna Setting-> LNB type-> OCS-DP

14.How to Set Legacy SW21/42/44/ Switch?
Legacy Switches settings can be accessed by going to
Main Manu-> Installation-> Antenna Settings-> Legacy SW
Set the type of switch you got on your dish setup. Don't forget to set DISCQ setting to none otherwise it will not work properly.

15.How to set channel lock on certain channels?
Channels can be locked by going to
Main Manu->Channels Manager->TV Channels -> Right Arrow-> Lock/unlock go to specific channel and press OK key on your remote.

16.How to video adjustments option menu?
Video options can be accessed by pressing zero "0" when view your normal TV. Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue, Sharpness and Tint can be adjusted

17.How to Auto TP?
Auto Transponder Update can be Turn ON and Turn OFF by going to:
Main Menu ->System settings-> system-> Auto TP changed to ON or OFF.

18.How to get Seven Days of EPG on a CW600s Premium?
CW600s Premium allows to get 7 days of EPG . To get full 7 days of EPG tune to any channels on listed Transponders. EPG will Populate for full 7 days in about 10-15 mins, if you have more than one echo sats connected it will take 15-30 mins to populate for all of sats.

(please keep updated mods)

TP 18-12472


TP 4-12268

19.How to change Time setting from Military to Regular?
================================== ===
To change time from Military to Regular go to
Main Menu -> System Setting -> OSD -> Time Display Format change to 12/24.

20.How to search Favorite show channel number and time?
Shows can be searched with start time and channel number by pressing the Click on
Find key on your remote -> select OK -> then type your show name and search.

21.How to Turn ON/OFF Auto Roll feature?
Autoroll feature can be turn OFF and ON by going to:
Main Menu -> System Setting -> OSD -> Autoroll -> ON/OFF

22.How to Turn ON/OFF key update message?
Key update message can be turn OFF or ON. This feature can be accessed by going to:
Main Menu -> System Setting -> System -> Key Update Message -> ON/OFF

23.How to turn ON/OFF Dishnet/BellXvu full name display?
This unique feature can be accessed by going to:
Main Menu -> System Setting -> System -> Scroll down to the next page -> ON/OFF

24.How to select packages for Dish and Bell?
Echostar and Bell ExpressVu packages can be accessed by pressing the "SAT" Button from your remote and choose the option you like

25.How to fix NTSC/PAL scrolling screen?
This is very frustrating when we hook up our receiver to the TV and video is rolling. If we don't know how to fix it, it is imposible to fix this kind of problem some times. It happens most of the time by changing the system info by mistake or by load a custom channels list. Here is a little "how to" guide to fix this kind of problem. You can use this guide for both Premium and regular CW600s model.

Reboot your system once; just to make sure you are out of all menus
A: Press Menu
B: 3 Times down Key
C: Ok
D: OK again
E: 5 Times Down key
F: Right/Left key untill it goes to NTSC
and this event timer on the fly


bin 139 added feature-add timer in search show (GREEN_KEY)
event timer on the fly.
now you can add an event timer on the fly right in the epg.
(or many event timers)

1.load the epg. epg>scroll to find an event playing ahead

of time>press green button>pop up box with options

now is displayed with channel,date,start,stop,these

are set already by the epg,your options are repeat

1x,day,1 week,1-5,5-7,select one you like,press

"ok" on remote,now event timer is set,and is

highlighted in the epg,now you simply go to any

channel and watch tv,when your event starts the stb

will automatically change to the channel you set

event for,this is great for finding a movie or

any event you know is coming on latter that you

don't want to forget about and miss wile your

watching something else as a time filler.
to delete event timer on the fly in epg,scroll to

selected highlighted event in the epg,press "ok" on

remote,scroll to date,and press left once,press
"ok" on remote.

or you can delete it the old way,menu>channel

manager>timer>event timer>select the event>delete.
and of course,this is the old way of adding an event timer also. all this for 110 can not to many fta box can do all this for 110 dollars got this info from future-fta*info chang the *to a dot .have fun all

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