119 VS 61.5


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what is the defference angle between 119 and 61.5 is it 57 and what transport should I be using while seting up the 61.5

Thank you

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haji...use your magic carpet for transport..LMAO...what the hell are U asking?

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alibaba when asking for help give complete info. about system .example sat box and dish type. this way it makes it easier to help you

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Ali baba: 119W and 61.5W are very different satellites with very different programming. To get both you will need two differnt dishes and two LNBs and a switch. You do not need to bother about transponders because you can use a blind scan.

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It is Aladin who used the magic carpet
I (du no) forgot what Transponder Ali Buba uses

110/119 American broadcast (one dish 2 LNBs)
61.5 International (one dish one LNB)
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