Do i need to align my dish if changing from 1lnb to dual?


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right now i have 1 lnb pointing at 119. if i replace it with dual lnb, do i have to move the dish to the right a little bit or will i get good signal without moving the dish?

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no,leave the dish setting alone.

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satscanner are you sure i don't need to move my dish because i will be using a bracket which will move my 119 two inches to the side.... i also heard of people talking about poor man's dish where you just add on a single lnb to the side of 119 to get 110. i just don't know what material to use in order to stick it on to my existing lnb.

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try tape

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so only thing i need to do is put another regular lnb to the right side of the dish when looking from the back to get 110.
do i need to put something in between the 2 lnb (like a little stick) so they are not attached to each other?
how much do i have to lower my second lnb in order to get 110? because i saw some pictures where 110 is lower than 119

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- Don't move your dish
- Strap second LNB
- You'll need a 4-input DISEqC switch
- put 119 on port-1, 110 on port-2
- You'll need to assign each LNB to respective port in antenna setup

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Move the dish between 110 and 119 and strap another lnb to right side of 119 (looking from behind the dish)and keep 110 lnb about 1/2 lower.

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how do i get 110 back on my receiver
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