Switching between DN & BEV problem HELP


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I am new to the satellite thing so let me know if I need to provide more information.
I have a Viewsat Ultra receiver connected to a viewsat diseq sw connected to two dishes via port 2(DN 119&110) & port 3(BEV 91) of the diseq sw. My signal strenth on DN & BEV is about 70% with a quality of about 80%. If I am watching DN and switch satellites to watch the BEV this is fine it workes great. The probem is when I want to go back to the DN Satellite by hitting the sat button on the remote and selecting the echostar package it switches to an echostar channel but the satellite does not switch over. It is still looking at the BEV sat. I have to power down the receiver and and its fine. I forgot to mention I have a Legacy dish for 110 &119.

Things I have tried:
1. factory default, reloading bin, blind scan, auto scan
2. New Diseq switch


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you cant make 119 and 110 both port 2
here is a copy Paste from a note that PRFRMNJ had made, for the full copy look in the Dishpro plus LNB link, just did a copy/paste of it there

You will then set your LNB type to Standard and select the port on the DISEcQ where for this sat (119 = 1 & 110 = 2).

so 119.110, and 91 all need their own port numbers which is why your having problems going back to DN. it doesnt know were to look and at what sat

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u should have no probelm if ur configuration is correct . if u have twin legacy then you just make your configuration like this :
lnb type twinlegacylnb1=119 port is 2
'' '' twinlegacy lnb2=110 port 2
bev i dont know what lnb you got standard or dp assign port 3. and u will be ok.
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