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Hi Folks,

I just bought a 50" HDTV. Now, my question is if I need to by a receiver/satellite then which is the best for HDTVs. I have currently Ariza 700 which looks pathetic and the pixel quality is ok when viewing on my HDTV. Also, if anybody can share the inform. about their experience with HDTVs and the channels they watch - quality, any adjustments need to be done etc.

Thanking you all,


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got this on othere site Dish HD working on CW3000HD, genpix says


There is a new annoucment made on the official genpix website by the maker of genpix, i am not sure if we are allowed to put a link to the actual announcment but here is that part :

02/22/2007 Update:

For those of you who are sending me questions "how to connect 8PSK-to-USB2 to FTA receiver ?":
This adapter was designed to work with PC, and provided drivers work on PC only.
As of today, CaptiveWorks' CW-3000HD is the only FTA receiver which was proven to work with such adapter.
The reason is simple: this receiver is a custom PC running Linux (and 8PSK-to-USB2 adapter is already supported by Linux).
As for other FTA receivers, you have to ask their manufacturers (not me) how to connect external DVB-s card to these receivers.
Presence of USB 2.0 connector in the receiver does NOT make it compatible with all USB 2.0 devices

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Heres the info on the CaptiveWorks 3000HD.

CW-3000HD Hi-Def Linux FTA and ATSC Home Entertainment Platform

- Processor: Powerful AMD 3000+ 64Bit Processor
- Memory: 512MB DDRII RAM Expandable to 8GB
- Flash Drive: 1GB Fast System Flash
- Hard Drive: Not Included
- Video: MPEG2 and MPEG4 Acceleration
- Satellite Tuner:
- Input terminal: F-type 75 Ohm
- Receiving frequency: 950~2150 MHz tuning range
- Input level: -65~-25dBm
- Support MCPC and SCPC
- Symbol rate: 2~45 Msps
- FEC Codes: 1/2,2/3,3/4,5/6,7/8 and Auto
- ATSC Tuner:
- Latest LG 5th generation tuner for enhanced reception.
- Supports QAM 64 and QAM 256 Cable signals.
- One TV antenna 75 ohm reception port.
- One S-Video input port.
- One stereo connection jack to sound card for analog TV.
- Video Output: VGA/HDMI or DVI/Component/S-Video
- Audio Ouput: Analog and SPDIF Dolby Digital Audio output
- USB Ports: 4 USB v2.0 ports on back panel and 2 USB v2.0 ports on front panel.
- Media Reader: All In One Media Reader. Supports most popular flash cards.
- Ethernet Port: RJ-45 10/100/1000 Mbits compatible.
- DVDRW: Read/Write DVDs and CDs.

Software :
- Open Source and available for download online
- Linux Operating System - Version 2.6 Kernel
- Powerful X Windows Environment
- Java 1.42 Graphical User Interface
- Software Upgradeable Via Internet and/or USB Storage Device
- Firefox browser with support for popular plugins including Flash

Multimedia Software:
- DVB-S Free To Air Using Open Source Video Disk Recorder (VDR)
- ATSC Reception Using Open Source Video Disk Recorder (VDR)
- EPG (Electronic Program Guide) Support - Stored on Hard Drive
- Remotely Schedule Recordings via Web Based Interface
- Automatic Channel Scanning
- Comprehensive DVR Functionality
- Pause Live TV With Full Fast-Forward and Rewind Capability
- Timer Recording Through Program Guide
- Automatic Timer Recording For Series and Daily/Weekly Programs
- Grid And List Style Electronic Program Guides Stored on Hard Drive
- Updates Download via the Internet
- Internet TV (IP TV) Streaming Video Player (*)
- Peer To Peer TV (P2P TV) Streaming Video Player (*)
- Customizable User Interface via Themes
- Video Player For popular video formats.
- Music Player For popular audio formats including MP3 and WMA.
- DVD Player/Writer
- CD Player/Writer

* Requires Optional Wireless Keyboard

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Hi Bruce,

thanx for the info. But frankly I didn't understand anything above. Is that a new satellite or receiver ? I am novice on this subject and so thought would be just a new receiver with HD signals and would plug into my TV to get HD channels. Isn't it that simple ? I am sure that are so many people who have HDTV and would like to get the FTA HD Channels.


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this box will be out next week and it is the only box so fare that will be abble to get dish net hd right now i think people get hd on bev but not dish the new cw3000hd you can get both dish and bev in hd

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CW-3000HD>>>>The official release date is February 28th for the United States and March 2nd For Canada

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Thanx Bruce and Sunny,

So what other satellite do you suggest to buy to get good quality channels on my HDTV ? The ariza 700 is not the best one I believe.

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cw600p its a great box got great suport great pitcher and best of all price 105 can +tax eazy to use good epg 3 day on bev full 7 day on dish hope this helps and viewsat is a good box cost more got good suport and i do not have1 so cant tell you any more about it but others will if you ask in a new thread
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