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I have DN right now, but was planning on switching to B*V to check it out, but before i do just want to make sure i'm doing it right.

is all i have to do is move my dish from 110 to 92, or 82, and then enter the bev keys??

now my dish has the 2 heads on it, i get 110 and 119, so i guess when i move to bev, that 1 head will pretty much be dead.


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NO...U can get BOTH Bev 82 and 91...instead of the present DN 110-119...notice all are 9 degrees apart, so this should be VERY easy for U..and then do a Bev key entry and CHANGE the antenna/dish settings in your receiver to show Bev 82(nimiq2) on port #1 and 91(nimiq 1-3) on port #2 , instead of present 119-#1 and 110-#2..and of course scan the 82-91 satellites

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You should be able to get 91 and 82 both with two LNBs. Just would need little finer adjustment to pick both birds. Good luck..

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tried moving the dish from left to right, and got nothing to work, can't find bev.

do i also have to change the skew? (i think thats what its called, the up and down part of the dish)

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you dont want to go left to right, you want to go right to left. believe SatScanner said it was 22-28 deg. LEFT of DN for BEV.

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If 110/119 is 12:00 O'clock (LNBF) point to 12:00
Move Dish to 10:00 O'clock (LNBF) point to 10:00

If that doesn't work try dish to 10:30
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