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I'm searching for a VCR with S-Video output under $200. I've found several on the web that are DVD/VCR combos that imply S-Video out but do not specify if they are DVD exclusive. Please educate me.

Tom try looking for VCR's on this very sight home video. There are several listed by JVC which I think meet your requirements

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I find the JVC models aren't very good. This is from what I've heard and what I've seen at the "returns" section at BB and CC. I always see open box buys for the JVC's at all different locations.

I myself have a Mitsubishi S-Video VCR which isn't used like before since DVD has taken over, but still works great. The picture is good for tapes, and rewind and ff are extremely fast. They might be a little over $200 though. If you have a Good Guys around, check them out. The prices might have dropped as of late.

I've owned 2 JVC VCRs, a 5000 and now a 4500. I haven't had any problems in 10 years. They record in S-VHS on standard tapes, have edit switches for a cleaner picture, dynamic drum for streak-free high speed play and flying erase heads. The Great HRS-5000 was $900 before a $250 rebate. I sold it for $150 and bought the 4500 about 5 years ago for $250. It even cleans itself.

I would imagine all VCRs at this point would be pretty cheesy but my JVCs have treated me well. Best of all, my entire system is S-Video, end-to-end.

Sony and JVC where the best "back in the day" i don't think sony has s-vhs. and ill agree that the lower end JVC's suck now. they don't even keep the clock memory when the power go's out. (no auto tracking). if I was going to buy a highend s-vhs vcr, I would look at "used" deck top vcr's.I have a panasonic pro s-vhs editor. 10 years old, and still the best picture I have seen from a vcr. (my clock only go's to 2007). with newsrooms and small video studios going digital. pro vcr's should be "coming out of the woodwork"

Don't buy JVC VCR's. I just purchased the JVC HR-J692U Model. Great features and everything, but everytime you play a tape, you get very annoying background noise that it impossible to deal with while watching something. I'll be returning this tomorrow, for I don't know what.

My question is, I like using S video when transferring my videos to DVD but have not figured out how to add the sound.can someone tell me how this is done?

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are you using a computer to capture the video? If so you just need to run sound from your vcr to the input on your sound input section of the motherboard or card.

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You may already Know this, but the AV connection cables (white, red - In and Out) are the ones that will transmit the audio, the yellow is the video picture). I understand that the S-video cable would replace the AV cables.
I am in the middle of trying to 'burn' old home movie VHS videos to DVD and can't get past the first two seconds, so am looking to see if my Daewoo 4-head without S-cable capabilities is the culprit. The SONY support people are taking my simple questions a little personally and do not respond as usefully as I would like since I am a "valued customer".

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I've also had good luck with the older JVCs. But David Massey, who frequently contributes to this thread and seems very knowledgeable, suggests Mitsubishi as the only quality made VCR these days.

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Can I use a vcr player to input to my computer. I have some home tapes I would like to put on dvd. If so what type of connection do I need and where can I purchase it. I'm new at this computer stuff and I need advice. standor@bellsouth .net Thanks.

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I have a JVC VCR that I'm using to copy vhs tapes to my computer with. RCA jack (out)to s-video (in). I'm using a plug, RCA to S-video. I have done this a few times with very good results. However, with some tapes, the captured movie gives a white blockage over most of the screen on playback. I can see only about 1/4 of the movie at the top of the screen and about 1/4 at the bottom. The center is covered with this white block out. I can't figure this out since one of the movies had the block out, then I was able to record it later in another try. I haven't figured this problem out, but most tapes copy very good. Once they're in my computer, I run the process of copying them to DVD. TMPG Author & DVD shrink. I've posted the problem several times but it is always ignored. My guess is that no one has a solution so they don't answer. You can get the RCA to S-video anywhere they sell jacks. Other than once-in-awhile tapes that have the blockout, this is a very good way of transfering.

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i have 6 jvc vcrs outside of minor routine maint. they have been the best machines i've owned and dealt with.

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The reason some of your VHS tapes won't transfer to your computer properly is because of a copyright protection convention called MacroVision. This system (placed by video tape and, I think also, DVD producers) allows tape playback, but blocks recording in various ways, like blocking out all or part of the image.
The way around this is to use a video capture/converter device connected to your computer that DOESN'T respect MacroVision's code. Two devices I know about are the Miglia Directors Cut, and the DataVideo DAC-100.

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Hello, Lawrence,
I have exactly the same problem when I tried to capture video from VCR to my computer. This problem tortures me for more than one year. Coudl you please tell me how do you solve it? My email address: jeff999@rogers.com
Thank you very much for your help.

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i have a citizen tv and im trying to hook my notebook computer to it with s-video, i have it all hooked up and as far as i can get is the picture is there but its going up the screen and cut into three. i just wanted to see if there was anyone who could help me solve this problem
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