How to Load a Bin File on Fortec Star


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Can someone give me the instructions of how to load a bin file on a Fortec Star Lifetime Ultra as this will be my first time. ie. do I have to turn off the power switch from the back during the process?

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Hey afaizi
Try here

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which bin should i load in order to get indian channels? ie. 286, 289, 290???

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None of those. It must be 289T - note the T at the end? Also note that you will not get autoroll so you will have to manually update the keys.
Use BL updater 1.4 to upload the BIN. Get instructions from the site ehre you download the BIN.

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The loading process itself is very easy. Here is the quick and dirty. With your Receiver off from the back

-Connect your receiver to your PC.
-Open BL Updater 1.4
-Open the Bin file you are flashing
-Turn the receiver on from the back and wait until you see the "On" displayed on the front
-Turn receiver off from the front
-Click "Write to STB" or "Download"

Now wait for the process to finish and the unit to turn off and on. YOU ARE DONE.

If you have no channel data then scan your sats.

If you had channel data then confirm configuration of your antenas and turn to channel 105 or 200 for keys to roll in (Provided you loaded bin 290T)...

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Listen newbie.,.If u don't know how to do anything including using a simple forums that a 5th grader (10 yrs olds can figure out), then don't come here and MULTIPLE post the same stupid things over and over....U are wasting everybodys time!...use reputable site such as www.dsstester.c*om...go piss them off!

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afaizi ... has your reciever ever been set up b4 ? that means loading the boot file .. factory file... then most resent bin file ? if your reciever has NOT been loaded with ALL but just the bin file itself.. your receiver WILL NOT work.
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