Please help for Ariza Xtreme bin file conversion to sgn file


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NEW Software For ARIZA Xtreame (BIN)


Hello everyone here is the latest fix for the Ariza Xtreme. Team Ariza did not forget you. The people that were helping with this receiver are now working with the high-definition receiver presently sold by Cool--t and only supporting a new receiver called Homesat. The receiver sold under the name Homesat is identical in every way to Ariza Xtreme. The security chip is the only thing that's different and its not a problem at all. The fix that I have now has been modified to work with all ARIZA Xtreme receivers. Unfortunately this fix had to be made in a bin file format because the Bin is what we had to work with. This bin was modified to work with the ARIZA receiver based on homesats fix. This fix is a complete software upgrade that now includes Picture in grafix in the EPG Menu we were not able to at this time to convert the bin file into a file that could be used with the present loader. Because we keep getting incorrect checksums when trying to recompile the bin as a 2 part patch. The only way is to physically pull out the TSOP chip and replace it with the reprogrammed TSOP chip. I have included the modified bin in its entirety for any real tester who wishes to make their receivers work again can. I kindly ask anyone capable of converting this bin file into a sgn file to contact me via e-mail. We try to do it several times but were unsuccessful because the checksums were incorrect. If anyone has a real good HEX editor that is able to correctly calculated checksum please e-mail me with Instructions how to do it. At this present time we have no problem changing the hardware ID codes. The problem we have is calculating the correct checksum for an easy upgrade using the present loader. This fix is not for everyone if you are unable to fund slaughter and re-solder the TSOP on your receiver do not attempt in any way to do it yourself or you will destroy your receiver. I have included several pictures that she'll do exactly what I did and what was involved. I also include a video to prove that it's working 100% and absolutely not a waste of time if you wish to test something. Also because work and to be using the home sat files as a basis to future fixes we would like to help of as many good testers out there capable of mapping the bin file. The reason I asked for this help us because it's extremely difficult and time consuming to do it all on their own. with your help we can speed of the support for this unit and make this receiver open source for anyone who wants to play with it. By opening up and mapping out the bin file together we will be able to support ourselves instead of being left out in the dark. I kindly ask everyone not to bash or criticize this is a hobby and we hope that all you testers will help us. Thank you and happy testing with your help I hope that we will resolve and have easy patch as soon as possible. I just feel that asking for help at this point will speed up the end results. Happy testing!!!
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ARIZA Xtreme MINGO TSOP (1.45 MB, 46 views)
Information and files from:
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I didn't bother reading the post cause I disliike coo*lsat made IRD's like homesat (clone of coo*lsat and ariza) and Viewsat clones like Ariza extreme..its pretty bad when a coder like Mingo needs help to get his specialty (clones) to work..

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so what's an Ariza Xtreme collector to do?
I've got 8 of them in use around here, on DN & FTA.
Should I remove the 29LV from 1 & plug it into a loader? Then what? Load the TSOP-FIX bin & then solder it back in & load Homesat SGN file in?
I have no problem with the soldering, but how do I know that the bin is loaded properly, before I solder the chip back in?
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