Help me in the next 19 minutes....


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Username: Swirvin

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i went to type in the keys and accidently changed the 00 on my pansat. i changed it back to 00 but then 01 was gone.

so it typed in 01 and set the keys for that but now i get "scrambled or bad channel" on all my channels.

im positive it had something to do with me messing up the 00 and 01, because now it no longer gives me the option of selecting one or the other. i just have to type in one or the other, but nothing works.

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Try turning the switch off in the back and turn it back on .Then go in and see what you have and check your keys

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download the bin again and star over.

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What Pansat do you have? If you have downloaded the last bin you don't need to input keys...

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My friend done the same thing once ,went to set defalt keys ,ck that,reset key info to (00)-(01). Hope this helps.

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Move to key number.
Enter 00 then enter the 00 keys.Press OK.
Move back up to key number and enter 01.
Enter 01 keys and press ok again.
It will save both numbers.

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Username: Cartier1

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if u ever loose control of your keys in pansat . go to default key hit ok. then always always use the volume to chnage from 00 to 01.

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19 minutes?...whats up with that!...when asking for help, don't put a timeline on it!

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lol - i will only be able 2 help people after 53 minutes and 45 secs.

On the other hand, I will need help within 9 minutes, or everyone will be rendered useless :-)
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