Programming Dish Network Reciever!!!!!!!!!!


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Hello friends,

Few years back, when dishnetwork provided their customers with recievers that read cards. Nowadays, its all different and we all know it. But back then, I got a hacked or reporgrammed reciever that allowed me to watch more channels than assigned by DN. I have a pansat, C@@LSAT and a viewsat. They all run good and I'm extremely happy with them. But just for fun, I would like to learn how to program those DN recievers. I have an old receiver that read cards. I would like to reprogram it. So, if anyone could give some feedback on that, it be great. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks fellas.

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? u wanna program the rom card? or the cardless receiver? which 1?...

anyways u can find out how to reprogram both if u go into the threads and search for a thread by the name of 'reputable dss sites' its been posted many many times so if u cant find in this thread jus go to the previous weeks threads and you will definately find them there

they have very good instructions so i dont think u will have a problem

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I'm trying to program the card one. But will try the cardless as well. I tried ecoustics sarch. I typed in the following: "reprogram dish network reciever." "reprogramming dish network reciever." "hack dishnetwork reciever." "hack dish network reciever." and etc etc etc. But didn't find a thing. So, if someone can lead me to the info, that'll be great. plz plz plz help.

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has a section on this you will find all you need their...

You will not get anymore channels than what you are getting with your viewsat I believe its the opisite you get more form the viewsat.

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Sorry to bug you guys again, but I didn't find a thing on this website. Can you please provide me a direct link to the thread. Please. I will greatly appreciate it if this could be done. Thanks.

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CyberMaster: The following URLs are posted to whet your appetite. Hope you find a start there for your project.
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