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Hello there,

I don't if this is the right place to post this thread, but, since I'm here, I might as well just ask you.

XM or Sirius require subscription. However, some radio sations from satellites do not have encryption and therefore can be directly picked up with a satellite radio antenna. Does anyone know what antenna and/or equipment can be used to get the free unencrypted radio sations. Please post your kind comments here. Thanks.

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This topic has been a long time coming. I'm interested too.

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Hey Guys
The only Sirius radio stations that I
know of,you can pickup with the same
equipment that are required for FTA TV.

On Dish Network Echo 7 @ 119.oW
from channels 6001 thur 6116, there
are about (70) Sirius Radio Stations.

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tons of them of DN....I already have a lifetime sub to Siruis...have it in my car, truck, boat, computer....worth the $500.00 nation rulz...

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Wow, lifetime subscription for $500, that's it?

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yep...2.5 years and it's all bonuse after that....

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But we want Howard 100 !

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I guess a subscription will only be good as long as the company stays in business. So it's for the lifetime of the company is what it means. Not saying that it won't be around for a long time more. But Larry, could you pick up the free stations with your equipment if you didn't subscribe or would your radio not work at all?
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