Magnavox 32" LCD TV keeps turning off


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Hello. I have a new Magnavox 32" flat panel LCD TV (Model No. 32MF231D/37B). I connected it to my DirecTV satellite receiver using the S-Video jack and cables and the Audio left+right jack and cables. At first, everything was working perfectly; all of the satellite channels were being displayed like on my old set.

But after a couple of minutes the screen would get very distorted with black and white horizontal lines; there is a static sound as well. During this time of distortion I cannot do anything with the TV, either manually or with the remote. I have to wait for the TV to eventually turn off on its own. When it automatically shuts off, I cannot turn it back on at all.

The only way to fix this is to unplug the AC cord from the back of the TV and wait about 60 seconds to plug it up. Once I turn the set back on, it repeats the same thing over and over. I hope someone cane help. Thanks!

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I'm haveing the same problem with the same model. I had it wall mounted but took it off to see if improved air flow would help. Since the problem was occuring about 30 minutes after turning on the the TV and it was consistently taking this long I guessed that it might be a overheating problem. After taking down from the wall there was no change and the TV never got very hot. After looking at customer reviews on various online retail sites it seems to be a common issue. Some people said they've had to take their's in more than once to get the problem fixed.

I may get my looked at by a repair shop and see how much they say it will cost to fix. If its to much I'll just replace it. It came with the house when I purchased it and I can see why.

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I have the 37mf321d/37 and its doing the same. If you get it fixed please let me know what it was

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I have the same problem same model, please let me know if anyone finds a solution.

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Hi, I too am having the same problem with Magnavox model 32MF605W17 turning on and off. Help...your assistance is needed badly! :-)
Thank you !

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We have a 42MF431D LCD and it has the same problem. We have had it out for repair twice and the problem persist. We eliminated as many causes as we could think of and it continues to act up. If anyone finds a solution please post it. This set is only 1yr old.

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Hey ive got the 32 inch Magnavox LCD an i found out why its blacking out an thundering like that, i opened up the back an found the heat sync on the board,(looks like a piece of alluminum with straight bars coming off of it in parralell lines to eachother) its the little brain to the T.V. I installed a cpu fan on it, more like superglued one to it, now it runs fine ive had it on for a good 5 hours an still tip top, a regular cpu fan i rigged an adapter from one of my phone chargers an spliced the wires into that, 5v 300ma or somethin like that, hafta plug it in an unplug eveytime i use the tv, kind of a hassle but it worked, have fun crackin your tv's open!

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I am not having the power off problem but after a few minutes the screen goes out only leaving colored bar-code type lines in the screen the sound is fine. I took off the back and put a box fan behind it and it is working for over an hour now. I was thinking of a CPU fan mounted in the back cover with a mod to the case as cool air seems to be the ticket to sucess here. Joe

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Have a 42MF237S LCD. TV is still working, but for the last few months when i turn the thing off, minutes or hours later i'll be sitting on my couch and I'll hear a clicking sound coming from the TV. The thing looks to be trying to turn itself on, almost like a power surge, and then bang it turns off. It's just a 1 second click. It doesn't turn off while it's on thank god, mine seems to be doing the opposite of what others are complaining about. From reading all these reviews, the on to off problems seem to be coming from the 32-37 inch models. Strange..... if you have the same model and the same problem call me 612 250 8746 we can call Magnavox together and complain, they might take the same complaint from multiple people more serious. There is power in number people. Everyone on here needs to exchange phone numbers and contact the manufacturer all together. My name is Sean Moore

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if i bought a BRAND NEW tv and was having any of the aforementioned problems...that thing is going right back to the store it came from.

some of you it seems fall under the 1 Year Manufacturers Limited Warranty. you should give Magnavox a call and see what they can do for you.

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i got the same problem. any solutions. only had the tv for close to 3 yrs
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