A Few Galaxy Questions If You Don't Mind


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Hello There

I first would like to thank the fine people who helped me out last week with my search to find Galaxy 10R. The info and help was greatly appreciated. I would have come back and thanked everyone sooner, but I fell under the weather the past few days.

Okay, I know most people want you to do your own research and find your own answers to questions, but for the below questions, I am stuck, and would appreciate any and all help. I wouldn't ask if my back wasn't against the wall and I was lost.

1.) To let everyone know, I am located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, which is (20:00m) from Toronto. I am using for this particular quest, a Pansat 2700 Clone, brand new out of the box, programmed and running perfectly.

2.) Last week I was searching for Galaxy 10R. I DID find it, and was able to watch and record some of the shows I was searching for from a few of the channels. I am Interested with Galaxy 10R Only for the RTN (Retro Television Networks) for Classic Tv. Shows. It was great while it lasted. See over the weekend, we had some bad weather, and it knocked my alignment out. I wasn't set-up super tight yet, as I was still fooling with the system. Now, for the past (3) Days, I can't find it again. Here's what's happening?

3.) I am locking on to 121W, and I am certain it is 121. The channels for which Lyngsat list as 121 channels, are there, and I always have a channel that says "Congratulations you have a Super Dish and you are pointed at 121". Therefore I assume, I am correct with saying I can find and lock 121W. However, no luck after that.

4.) When I then try and move to find Galaxy 10R, depending on the movement I do, I am finding, scanning, and loading down the following:

Don't Know What It is




-Channel 1

-Cahnnel 2

-Channel 3

-Channel 4


















The ONLY thing I have found as far as Galaxy 10R goes is, I can find and scan from Galaxy 10R:



I have checked with Lyngsat, and those are (2) channels from Galaxy 10R. I can't find, locate, scan, load, anything else. I have done almost everything you could imagine. Now, though I never had that great of a signal the few days I did have Galaxy 10R, I would think and hope, to obtain those channels I did have. There were (15) channels that loaded last week, and (6) of them were RTN's!!! I was thrilled. Now, nothing but what's listed above.

5.) Can anyone help, or does anyone have any thoughts and or idea's?

6.) Does anyone know, are there RTN (Retro Television Network's) on other satellites? Any that aren't on Galaxy 10R? I am only interested as mentioned above, in Galaxy 10R for the RTN's. I would choose another Satellite if they had even just (1) RTN.

7.) I have read and looked in to, the possibility of Galaxy 3C 95W. I have read that my receiver, and dish would work fine. I also see that there are a Bunch of FTA channels on there, of course which include some RTN's. Where I am located, and having the euipment, would I be able to receive this signal do you believe? I would hope to locate Galaxy 3C at 95W, with 4040 H TP 17 for those channels. Anyone in or near my area have Galaxy 3C?

8.) Last question, I promise. I have researched having American Life Network. I was informed by someone that it is located at Galaxy 16, and told it was Freq 11800, Pol H. 12 510 TP5. My question is a two parter? How do I search for Galaxy 16 if it's not listed on my receiver? Does that mean I can't have Galaxy 16? If that's not the case, where would I even find the Co-Ordinates for it? It's not listed anywhere that I have found. I don't even know if my equipment would work for Galaxy 16?

I am so sorry for all the questions everyone. I was just at a loss the last couple of days, and had to try and ask. I don't expect everything answered. Maybe even just some info to help me along in this long, hard, and very cold outside search for Classic Tv.

Thank you to everyone who helped previously, and to everyone who may sit down and read this long essay by a fool who wants to watch some rare Classic Tv.

Thank You,


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The channels that you listed above are
on Galaxy 13/ Horizons 1 @ 127.oW.
They are in Foreign Language.
Standing in front of your Dish move it
very very slow to your right about 4 degrees
until you hit Galaxy 10R @ 123.oW.

There are ten (10) channels there for Retro
Television Network.. They are on
Freq.11720 (Pol.V) SR 27,672 (tp.1)
Freq. 11800 (Pol.V) SR 26,657 (tp.5)

4040 H TP 17 is a "C" Band.
Galaxy 3C @ 95.oW only has about 40 Racetrack
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