Basic Troubleshooting Guide


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I DID POST THIS BEFORE, here is once again !!!

Troubleshooting guide

No Signal?
1) Is your signal Quality good? You may need to move your dish
2) How's your wiring? Check for loose connectors, kinks etc
3) Maybe a dead diseqC switch? Connect the main line directly to the LnB and see if that's the culprit. A bad DiseqC will sometimes refuse to change satellites for you.
4) Bad LnB? An LnB that's going bad can refuse to give you a good signal. Expect a sudden massive drop in Signal quality
5) Wrong settings? Check your installation settings. (LnB type, Lnb Freq, DiseqC # etc) and confirm that they are correct. May also cause a Bad or Scrambled message too.
6) Was I drinking? Maybe you hooked up (for example) 119 to diseqC switch 1 but your Installation Menu on the reciever has 119 to DiseqC number 2.
7) Human Error? Did you plug your RG6 cable in the correct spot in the back of your STB? Were only human ya know :P

Bad or scrambled channel?
1) Did that channel move Frequencies? Sometimes Auto TP won't pick that up. Rescanning can sometimes help.
2) Weather Maybe? It is possible. Can also cause a "No Signal" problem too.
3) Is the Key EMU set to ON? Check with your receiver how too's on how to check that.

Wait for Picture or Standby download? Never ending Autoroll?
1) Latest Bin? Sometimes a current Bin is needed to fix a fake key roll
2) Change channel? Autoroll works better on a strong signal channel. You might want to try that.
3) Manual key entry? Has worked countless times. Check with the proper receiver section on how to do that. You can find updated keys at the main page or in the New Keys section.
4) I blame the Bin! If other peeps say that bin is working still except for you then try reloading that same bin

No EPG displaying?
1) What time is it Mr Wolf? Make sure your Date/ time and GMT is correct. (Note that GMT should be set to reflect Daylight savings time)

My Reciever has these strange Glitches
1) Factory Time!! Download the factory Bin. It will clean those glitches up. Then download the Current bin right after.
2) Factory time again!! Factory Reset will fix other problems and give you a fresh start.

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Good one McSunny..!!!!!

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Hope this has helped at least one person.
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