Can I Get Galaxy 10


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Hello There

I am just wondering if I am running a couple of systems with DN 110, and DN 119, with another system, would I be able to pick-up Galaxy 10? I am just not sure of a few things, and dispite searching, I can't find the info anywhere?

Is Galaxy 10 a Dish network feed

It says 123W, so it that just past 119W for dish

Will my keys/bin that open 110 & 119, open 123 if I am lucky enough to find it

If so, compared to 119, for 123 does the dish have to tilt more up or down or the same level as 119

I am so sorry for the questions, but I have searched everywhere, and haven't found anything about the questions I have asked? I only know someone wrote that they receive Galaxy 10 whihc I found out is 123W, and they receive alot of coll local channels that I would like to receive.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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If it says 123W, that doesn't mean it belongs to Dishnetwork. But, there are a lot of FTA channels that you can watch without any keys or softwares.

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Hello There

Okay, I have done some research, found that many people are running 123W Galaxy 10. One guy was very helpful with saying how he first locked 119, then slightly moved to lock 121, then slightly moved to find and lock 123. Worked great for him, and we are in the same location.

However, I can't find 121 or 123? Nothing. I have tried and tried and tried. I am wondering if I can't use an 18" Dish and single LNB (Old DirecTv.) system I had out away for this? I have using this old system, found 110, 119, and made sure everything was working and find. But nothing as far as 123 goes, which is what my goal is.

Any help from anyone? Do I need a bigger dish? Is the LNB not the correct one? Can I do 123 with this system?



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John Paul, I think you need a Linear LNB for that.

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Like Joe said for Galaxy 10R you will need a Linear LNB and a Larger Dish. Galaxy 10R has
about (50) Free to Air Channels.Intelsat Americas 5 at 97.oW has around 200 Channels
Free to Air

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Hello There

Thank You guys who have responded. The info was very helpfull. I have already gone down this afternoon to my local dealer, and I am picking up a 33" Dish and Linear LNB on Saturday to further my attempt at tracking down Galaxy 10R.

Question though? That Intelsat America's 5 at 97W, is that something I would also use the 33" & Linear for, or would that be something for my 18" system just sitting here in storage that I pulled out?

Thanks again you guys. I appreciate all the help and info.


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Largee dish and linear LNB is used for BOTH the 97 and 123...the 123 is NOT that popular..

again , check out www.lyngsat. com and it tells U what channels on every satelite, free or encrypted, and which LNB's are needed for every satellite!

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For Galaxy 10 you need at least 24 inch dish and linear LNBF, there is some free to air mostly local channels and Spanish speaking to. Satellite on 121 degree is Echo 9 and Intelsat America 13 and there are some DN channels and for it you also need linear LNBF for it.

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Hello There

Once again, thanks everyone. I do realize that 123 is not popular. That's just fine with me. I am interested in a set of Local channels that I believe are only available on the 123 feed. God knows if they were located elsewhere, I would try and track them down elsewhere. Below are some of the Locals that I am trying to find that I know through Lyngsat are available on 123.

KLRA-LP (Univision - Little Rock) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
WNYI-TV (Syracuse) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
TeleFormula Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KKTU-TV (ABC - Cheyenne) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
Mas Musica Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KKFQ-CA (Univision - Yakima) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KXUN-LP (Fort Smith) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
Retro Jams Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KEYU-LP (Amarillo) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
WNGS-TV (Buffalo) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KWWF-TV (Waterloo) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KUOK-TV (Univision - Woodward) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KEGS-LP (Las Vegas) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KWFT-TV (WB - Eureka Springs) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
STEP Star Network Galaxy 10R (123 W)
WUMN-TV (Univision - Minneapolis) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
WBIF-TV (UPN - Mariana) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KQUP-TV (Spokane) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
WMQF-TV (FOX - Marquette) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KYPX-TV (Camden) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KWBF-TV (WB - Little Rock) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KWBS-TV (I - Eureka Springs) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
WBMM-TV (Tuskegee) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
WGMU-TV (UPN - Burlington) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
WPXS-TV (Mount Vernon) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KCBU-TV (Provo) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KPOU-TV (Univision - La Grande) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KUTF-TV (TeleFutura - Price) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KWBM-TV (WB - Hollister) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
Daystar TV Galaxy 10R (123 W)
The New Hot 96.5 Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KWBF-FM Galaxy 10R (123 W)
ResearchChannel Galaxy 10R (123 W)
UWTV - University of Galaxy 10R (123 W)
ACN Galaxy 10R (123 W)
CCCSAT Galaxy 10R (123 W)
Pentagon Channel Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KPBI-CA (FOX - Fort Smith) Galaxy 10R (123 W)
KFDF-CA (UPN - Fort Smith) Galaxy 10R (123 W)

My main purpose and reason for this is I am a huge fan/collector of Classic Tv. shows. I search out locals all over and try and find classic shows that are airing.

I discovered just the other day that there is a channel/network called "Retro Tv." RTN. It has affiliates throughout different regions. Their line-up of classic shows is just killer. The Streets Of San Francisco is the one that has me jumping.

However, by just a quick research last night, it appears that all RTN locals ae on the 123 feed. Trust me, if anyone out there knows of a RTN airing on anything aside from 123, let me know please. I am just 99.9% certain, there are no RTN feeds on 110 or 119. I believe I have torn those apart for the last few years.


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