Pansat 2700 Not getting all channels


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HI I am new to this. Please help
I uploaded the lastest bin in the Pansat 2700A receiver.
I have following configuration.

DiSEq: 4 X 1
I have 1 legeal receiver from Dishnetwork.
All 3 satellite are connected to a swirch (DP500) and single cable is going in the receiver.

My problems:
1. I don't get all channels from all 3 satellite. I get over 1000 channel but it is repeated and seems it is getting from 119.
I don't get any asian cahnnel from do I get this channel?

Do I need to enter new keys?

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Patel - You've already asked the question in on thread and I've pointed you in the right direction to fix this. DON'T start another thread asking the same questions....

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Sky Patel

did you try what was sugested yet?

if so tell us what you did and what was the outcome?

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I see that you are only getting channels from one sat. Are you sure you have 3 sat's pointed? how are you sure?

I myself have never found 61.5 that does not mean its not their I just cant get it. 148 has lots of ethnotic(<-- cant spell sorry) programing.

I have a pansat as well it was my first receiver. I have found the best way to point it was to conect each run from the LNB straight into the receiver not use the diteq switch while pointing.

the best way to known to point to Dn is to use a old dish network receiver.

when you get a sig do a blind scan see what you get. I always took notes while it was scanning.. if it gets the same channels the first 10 or so as a different LNB did you know its pointed at the same sat. if you get different channels than you got it right. Then you can put the diteq switch inline and set the receiver corectly. If your channels work right you got the switch configured correctly. I know the pansat is a pain to set up and does not ID the sat's...the viewsat does a major plus for the viewsat in my book..

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61.5W - Echo 3 is fine for International channels. It works on the eastern parts of North America nd even in Toronto.
Patel: Use a generic DiseqC switch, and make sure you connect in software, the Echo 3 with the correct port of DiseqC switch. You should have the three outputs from the dishes connected in hardware and software to three different ports of the DisEqC Switch.

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Patel can't use a DISEcQ switch as he is using a DishPro LNB. I am almost 100% sure that he is using a DishProPlus LNB and that his 61.5 is connected to the DishPro and then from there to his DN Receiver.

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Here is what your setup should look like:


Not to mention there is no DISEcQ switch in this setup.

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In your STB you will set up the antena configuration as follows:

LNB = DishPro
Freq = 11250
22khz = OFF
DISEcQ as follows:
119 = 1
110 = 2
61.5 = 3

Follow this and you'll have no problems with you setup.

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By the way, which DN receiver do you have? This will normally tell you what LNB type you have.

Only 311 series have the DishPro (Twin or Quad)

322 on up use the DishProPlus
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