Comcast HD tiling problem


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Username: Malenkai

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For 3 months we've had intermittant but
severe tiling to complete signal loss on
certain HD and non-HD channels with Comcast
cable, Philly area.

Always the same channels. Other HD and
non-HD channels are fine when this happens.
Occurs on a brand new Pioneer plasma and an
old 19 inch Panasonic (for the non-HD channels,

Comcast has been out a dozen times, power cycle
the STB, swap the STB, check the signal strength,
etc., etc., and is always clueless. Never
happens when they are there. They said keep a
log of when it has happened, hasn't helped.
Phone support says a tech needs to be there
when it happens, tech says need to keep the
log and call phone support when it happens.

Comcast has been unable to solve the problem, can anyone here offer a suggestion?

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Username: Wanabtech

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Keep records of the times that it goes out, and give it to the tech when he comes out for the service call.

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Username: Reid

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I live in Philly and have had to replace my digital boxes 4 times in the last year. Not sure if this is your problem, but you may want to look into getting new boxes.

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this guy can fix it

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Username: Chenolio

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I've had the same problem in Philly. Primarily the local HD channels. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, maybe PBS. I noticed signal failure on a couple standard channels today too. NFL Network and LOGO.

I've also had the same response. The tech has to be here when it happens. (My favorite was the person on the phone who said I should call when it is happening so they can get a tech out right away. She must have been new.)

I added an in-line 10 dB amplifier today and it is no better.

In reading other forums, I've noticed people describe problems like this (although they are in other cities and never say it is intermittent). The problem is explained as frequency-specific signal loss. Some say eliminating splitters has done the trick. I removed two and that still hasn't fixed it.

The intermittent nature of it is what baffles me.

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Username: Campedo1117

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you may have water sitting somewhere, explaining why and amp is not fixing it. You are just amplifying garbage. Water in the drop coming to the house, or water in the splitter outside. Also squirrels love cable lines, may need to have that checked out too

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Username: Mhrdeadhead

Columbia, PA

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Same problems here in Columbia, PA. Dealt with it last summer ('07), and now it has returned. There have been 6 tech visits and each time they were here, they received a written "log" of all the tiling events. It seems to be a "summer" problem...after the heat and humidity, the tiling seems to diminish. Comcast is totally clueless and they can never seem to remedy the situation. Our POS TV in the bedroom (non-digital, non-HD) only tiled once. I'm guessing that they have their hands full and that Comcast has no idea what to do. If I wouldn't have to switch to DSL in their absence, I'd drop Comcast in a heartbeat.

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Username: Lilbit

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This started happening to us on the 11th. Now several of our HD (15)channels dont come in at all but the non HD ones and some HD channels do. We called and they want us to pay a fee $80 to come out and look at it. We have 2 boxes and both are not working for the same HD channels but some come in fine. We are considering switching to another provider if they dont fix it. We are in the Portland OR area.

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I've had trouble with Comcast tiling ever since I got the digital box. Last summer, I had made repeated calls to Comcast, and asked them to credit me every time I encountered tiling. Every customer service agent agreed to credit me for the day, however, it was never noted on my bills. Last July I had absolutely had enough of Comcast, and after waiting for over an hour to get a customer service agent, I asked him to scan my account and review the number of calls made to them regarding my tiling issue. Upon his verifying my every call, I asked him to look at my bills and see if the credits were indeed credited to my account, and he said no, and he also saw where the customer service rep said the account would be credited. Finally this gentleman gave me a full year's reduction on my total comcast bill, lowering it approximately $50 a month, which I thanked him for. I told them that if this problem continued to happen, that I would be in contact with the FCC and file a complaint, and if they did not believe that I would do this, to contact my local school district to understand that I do mean what I say. Interestingly, for the last week, which is just about a year to the day of the last complaint, my tiling has started up again. In another vein, I had Vonnage for 1-1/2 years, when suddenly I had all kinds of interference on this phone line. I also believe this was due to Comcast running interference in the lines. They, of course, denied it. Perhaps the time has come to file a class action suit against this company. We pay good money for their service, yet receive nothing but crappy service.
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