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Ok Ok I need HELP

I have a 24" dish with a new motor for it. I want to get

Echostar 1/2 (148w)
Echostar 7 (119w)
Echostar 8/10 (110w) - requires 1.2m dish in Alaska/Canada/Carribbean!
Nimiq 1 (91w)
Nimiq 2 (82w)
Echostar 3 (61.5w)

I have had the motor for 2 weeks now still lost as I can be on this "true south"

why does this have to be so hard? All I read you have to a mathmation to get the answer.

please if someone knows how to help please do I am scared to start installing the motor now.


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Hey Jay
I will try to help you.
On your property pick the best mounting location.
Make sure that you have a clear view to these Satellites. From the mounting location hold a compass flat in the palm of your hand,hold your hand still until the needle stops moving and the colored half of the compass needle points "North", the marks around the outside edge of the compass represent Azimuth Degrees. EchoStar 1&2 @148.oW Your Azimuth is (240) the elevation is (22.8) and EchoStar 3 @ 61.5.o W is (34.5) Azimuth is (124) Now you can estimate these elevations by raising your arm approximately to these elevation angles, straight up 90 degrees, between ground & up is 45 dregrees, to make sure that you have a clear view to these Satellites.
The mast must be level vertical in all directions.You can use a 4X4 trended lumber or 1.5 inch galvanize pipe encase in concrete.Keep in mind that a motorized Dish is very heavy.Now adjust your motor to your Latitude which is 35.4 North and temporally mount it on the mast.
I will now need make and model of your motor.
}Hope this will help, to get you started.

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Today I started working on it...gave up on this complex true south BS and just mounted it.

I did not notice before starting than my dish mounts different than the dish meant to be used. So I had to modify the dish and am now going to order a 33" next week.

I got it all mounted on the "test table", guessed the elevation, started trying to get a sig....After several adjustments on elevation I can now hit 4 birds from in the house! I got the main bev, a second BEV with mostly hi def, 2 DN birds, and a unknown one I am blind scanning now.....mabee Dir*cttv?

So all is going well I will get some pic's today of my silly table set up you will laugh at it!

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Username: Ke5aqn

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Ok All here is some pic's of my test set up.

After I get it all going like I want and get a bigger dish I will mount it on the house or a pole.
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