The easiest way to aim a dish !!!


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What is the easiest way to aim a dish??

-This is the most asked question, and the most common problem. I will tell you my technique, which I believe is the easiest. This is not the only way to aim a dish, but I find it the least confusing.

The problem with FTA irds is that you will see signal and quality on all DBS satellites. 61.5, 82, 91, 110, 119, 148....all of these operate on the same frequency, so when you are aiming at one of them, and you find another, you will see a quality signal. Of course, if you are aimed at the wrong bird, all you will get is "scrambled or bad channel" or a bunch of "ghost channels" and duplicates.

So, here is what I do to avoid confusing the birds...

1. Flash the ird with the newest flash.
2. Load a channel list with the sats you will be trying to get. I always do this because it helps with the aiming technique later. If you prefer scanning, after you find the birds, you can delete all your channels and scan away. BUT...load up a channel list in the beginning.
3. Set the default key just in case it doesn't set automatically.
4. Connect ONE LNB at a time. Do NOT use your switch yet. Run a cable directly from ONE LNB to your receiver.
5. In the menu, make sure all your diseqc settings are at OFF.
6. Now, pick the sat you are going to aim at. Connect this cable directly to the receiver, and tune to a channel on this sat. Example: trying to hit BEV 91?...tune to TSN. By doing this, the correct tp will be picked automatically. Again, no confusion! Some tps may not have anything on them, and so if you have your receiver set to a blank tp, then you will never find signal, even if you find the bird!! That's another reason why this method is easiest (I think).
7. Use a satfinder program to get your coordiates. This can be found in the FTA files section under "Satellite Finding Utilities".
8. Go and move your dish SLOWLY. When a picture appears, then you know you have found the correct bird. If you hit a different DBS bird, then you will not get a no confusion. Once you get a picture, then use the receiver's signal meter to fine tune the signal.
9. Move onto the next sat. Connect it directly, and follow the above directions. Do one sat/LNB at a time until all the sats have been found.
10. Incorporate your switch, and adjust your diseqc settings in the menu accordingly.
11. Enjoy TV...

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Great Post Mc Sunny
I also saw your few other posts just as good
Why don't keep them all in one thread?
Keep the good work!!!

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Thank you for your comment.I just dont want 2 bore users.That's y i keep it the infor brief.i just wanna share information among user..but i have seen most of the ppl here lolz Don't read bf4 asking que..There has been alot of great guides and info posted here,, by many different people everyone should spend time reading and learning there recievers !!!

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I am very confused about transponders. I am pointing towards DN 110 and 119 .
People talk about channels changing TP's.
I have never seen this happened.
Is there some info i could get on this subject

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McSunny,thx, very good. Great for slow dudes like me.

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Jim...just do factory default then rescan,When you are going to scan bird 119 make sure your tp frequency is adjusted to 12239 if its not adjusted to this before you scan you will miss tons of channels,dealers are sometimes forgetting to inform there customers of this and alot of confusion can result!

119=TP Freq-12239

110=TP Freq-12224

91=TP Freq-12224

EchoStar 7 - 119. ECHO 7
LNB Power------ON
LNB Type-------Standard For dish pro set to OCS
LNB Freq-----------11250
22kHz-------------Off unless you have a 22kHz switch turn on.
TP Freq----------12239
Search option-----All
DiSEqC 1.0------Port 1
Legacy SW------None

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Yo McSunny,

You Rock! That's a excellent technique. Is it okay if I copy this and put it on DssWorld. Don't worry, I'll put your name there, too. Please don't say NO! Thanks and reply ASAP. You rock, dude!

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I'm gonna tell that technique to DssWorld Admin. Would you like to become DssWorld staff, McSunny? Fortec Star Lifetime Ultra receivers ONLY, but discussions for DN and BEV. Please don't say NO.... we want people like you. How about you become DssWorld forum moderator and put kool stuff techniques and help others. Guess what?????/ I've already talked to the admin.

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lolz Av, thanks for the offer buddy, but at this moment i don't have time at all...over here i am just trying to share wut i is all about sharing and i got no problem u can post any good post u like on ur site

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Alrighty.... Thanks A Lot!

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hey Mc Sunny, is sat 91 near 110 and 119?

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Please find below about channels changing TP's from another website. I am still receiving these channels. Do i need to rescan everytime channels move TP's.

Quite a few more transponder moves today for Dish to clean off transponder 15 at 119° for NPS. (ANON)
242, 244, 246, 248 and mirros 8000-8003 (Los Angeles ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) moved from transponder 15 to 11 at 119°
ON PPV barker channel 103, its mirror 500 and PPV channel 505 have been removed from tp 16 at 119°
PPV channel 509 removed from tp 17 at 119°
210 CSPAN, moved from tp 11 to 17 at 119°
212 CSPAN 2 from 11 to 8 at 119°
222 HSN its map-down channel 84, 226 QVC and 228 ShopNBC moved from tp 11 to 16 at 119°
299 Reelz channel moved from tp 11 to 4 at 119°
Removed "Dish Nets" from the package availability on NYC, LA and Chicago locals since the package no longer

Thanks Jim}}
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