Death to all the Distant Channels


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Today too many to list. All the Distant Ch
annels die.

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Federal law NOW requires that ALL SERVICE PROVIDERS block all but your local channels. Why?Censorship!They dont want the public to see whats happening all around the country.
To them we are all mushrooms, and you know what they feed mushrooms???

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NOT true!...ONLY Dishnet!...NOT ALL service providers!...DTV still has them (380's)...watching them now, in fact...and its ONLY the MAJOR network Distant channels...get it straight!

BTW...I posted about this 1-2 months ago here and at Dsstester and Dsscommunity....its old news, that was implemented beginning today...NOBODY who can read should be surprised!....or ask stupid questions today about this...its plain and simple now!

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:25 am Post subject: DISTANT NETWORK CHANNELS 241-248.. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX going



DISH NETWORK LOST ITS LATEST APPEAL TO KEEP DISTANT NETWORK CHANNELS. According to the latest and final court ruling (unless Dish Network appeals to the US Supreme Court and the court accepts the case which is extremely doubtful) Dish Network must stop providing distant network channels to ALL subscribers as of December 1, 2006.. Yes, ALL subscribers. Waivers, grandfathers or other ancestors, friend with the King of the Universe will not matter. Yes, even you. If this ruling holds (and it should) NO ONE subscribing to Dish Network will be allowed to keep distant network channels, period.
This ruling has no effect on PBS, CW Network or Super Stations, Univision, Azteca, Telefutura, Pax/"i", Telemundo, TBN or any other broadcast network's agreements with Dish Network. It only affects ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.
CBS HD should also be unaffected as this was a contract between CBS and Dish. There is quite a bit of confusion on this particular channel that only time will clear up.

Posted: Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:43 am Post subject:


The Florida Southern District Court has spoken:

THIS CAUSE is before the Court upon remand by the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Pursuant to the Eleventh Circuit mandate [DE-995], remanding this case to this Court with instructions to enter a nationwide permanent injunction pursuant to the Satellite Home Viewer Act of 1988, as amended by the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act of 1999, it is

ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that, effective December 1, 2006, Defendants Echostar Communications Corporation (d/b/a DISH Network), EchoStar Satellite Corporation, Satellite Communications Operating Corporation and DirectSat Corporation (collectively "Echostar"), their officers, agents, servants, employees, and attorneys, and those persons in active concert or participation with Echostar are hereby PERMANENTLY ENJOINED AND RESTRAINED from the secondary transmission, pursuant to the statutory license set forth in Section 119, Title 17, United States Code, of a performance or display of a word embodied in a primary transmission of any network station affiliated with ABC, Inc., CBS Broadcasting, Inc., Fox Broadcasting Company, or National Broadcasting Co. For the purposes of this permanent injunction, the terms "secondary transmission," "primary transmission," "primary network station," and "network station" shall have the meanings given those terms in Section 119, Title 17, United States Code.

DONE AND ORDERED in Chambers at Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, Florida, this 20th day of October, 2006.

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In case U still don't understand!!!!

ONLY DISTANT NETWORK CHANNELS 241-248.. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX going ...ONLY on Dishnetwork too!...effective today 1 Dec 2006...court ruling and appeals were in October..

That is NOT too many channels to list...or ALL providers!...or losing ALL but your local channels!

U guys really messed this story/thread up bad! U will be posting its the end of TV and the world!

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Hey LK
I was taking about Dish Network channels not the networks.Who care about DTV this web site is not about DTV. I don,t see anyone here ask for keys for DTV.I counted (22) Channels that were removed.It's not that important to list them. Besides I am not long winded like you.

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LK vary long wind an smell bad to. you abel to say thinks with no insult bad guy. no beating of ded horses

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Wondering why DTV not required to do the same.

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Scan tp 15 on 119 and you'll get some east and west coast major network channels. Yeah... it's a national beam. All is not lost..... yet....

DN is farming out the national feeds to NPS (big dish provider) on that tp. It's a way of getting around the law. Huh... imagine that.

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Yup it's censorship plain and simple!

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* CBS HD is disappearing from subscribers accounts all over the place including Puerto Rico. If anyone outside the NYC and LA markets still receive CBS HD in the 9400 channel range, please email me at

Channels 241-248 and their mirrors on channels 8000-8003 and 8100-8103 are now no longer available to any subscribers outside the New York and LA areas.

Quite a few more transponder moves today for Dish to clean off transponder 15 at 119° for NPS.
242, 244, 246, 248 and mirros 8000-8003 (Los Angeles ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) moved from transponder 15 to 11 at 119°

NPS will provide Distant Network Channels to qualifying subscribers starting 12/1/2006 See starting tomorrow. (SatelliteGuys.US)
Price for the networks are as follows: East + West of any one network $2.50. East and West of all 4 networks $9.00
Of course the plaintiffs in the case that took 11 years to litigate aren't very happy right now. An Emergency motion is before the courts right now to block this and hold Echostar in contempt

The following "Mystery Channels" have been added to the system on tp 15 at 119°. I wonder what ever they could be?!
5731 TST1A, 5732 TST2A
5733 TST1B, 5734 TST2B
5735 TST1C, 5736 TST2C
5737 TST1D, 5738 TST2C
UPDATE: Channels 5731-5738 are now homes to San Francisco and Atlanta ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox stations

Looks like Dish cleaned off TP 15 to add 8 "mystery" channels (looks like east and west of 4 networks to me!)
From tp 12 at 119° to 10 at 110°: 519 PPV
From tp 16 to 6 at 110°: 514/5801/9931 PPV/VOD
From tp 21 at 119° to 16 at 110°: 511 PPV
From tp 15 to 11 at 119°: 299 Reelz Channel
From tp 15 to 13 at 119°: 132 TCM
From tp 15 to 16 at 119°: 171 Nick West
From tp 15 to 20 at 119°: 232/252/8004 KTLA
From tp 15 to 21 at 119°: 262 Angel One
From tp 20 to 12 at 119°: 9411 NAUHS

Bangor, ME Local ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS are now available to local subscribers on channels 8092-8096 (ANON)
Butte/Bozeman, MT local ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and PBS are now available to local subscribers on channels 9087-9091

What I see is another BS scam by DN, who really didn't lose anything!...they now added these Atlanta and SF major networks to TP 15, and then they just moved these old "Distant locals" channels to new TP's and then are selling back to subscribers thru NPS

Kavin...get off the DTV issue! point obviously was that these Distant locals were NOT gone from ALL providers! back off and THINK!

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Hey no big deal.
I stand corrected. I thought that the Federal Law applies too all.
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