Which is best buy?


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I am looking for FTA receiver with component output under $180, and I know Pansat 2800, Viewsat VS2000 Extreme, Cool sat 5000 Platinum and Cool sat 6000 Premium are all qualified. Could anyone give me some recommendation or suggestion if you use these before?

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Username: Banej

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Viewsat VS2000 Extreme

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i live in ottawa can and i can get captive works600p for 135 can and it had fix out fast 2or3 the last time good suport good box

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ExtremeView Magnum XV-3300!

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Just picked up a CW600S Premium today and it is pretty sweet, but yur probbly best off with Viewsat..

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I am waiting for the new Conaxsat CNX-V1. USB PVR, all the bells and whistles. Support is a big ?, but I know they are testing the pre release bins and the coders are working very hard. Seems promising anyway. There were some guys talking about it on cyberdss.com, but I am sure a bunch of other good site's are too. Here is what one tester said "9 day epg with the power-ram technology. PVR and MP3 works great. a little slow on the channel changing, but getting better with each test bin. even with the test bins, it is WELL worth the money. Think about it....a PVR for under $200.00". I don't sell them or work for them, I am just excited about the new technology and the price. My .02 cents.

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viewsat xtreme is the best receiver out there, but if you are looking for cheap and moderate receiver and easy to handle go for extremeview magnum, its as good as viewsat

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viewsat ultra is better then extreme and sonicview conaxsat extremeview all great great receivers.

heres a few links

the sonicview is a great receiver very powerful easy to use and great support, conaxsat and extremeview are really really great Must haves!!!

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all of them is good when you know how to use it!
this is my collection, all of them working good... no complain!

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viewsat:easy to use and set up

sonicview:best picture quality but minor glitches like favorite list.
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