Constant Change of Keys


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Why do they keep changing keys almost every 2 hours?
Well these are the good old days how dare anyone complains !!!

No one really knows what is the future for STA
But what is happening is BEV and DN both know you and others are intercepting their signal without a payment to them. They are even reading this post as you are now. Because it is their property to protect they will constantly change their code and adding more secrete codes. Their biggest enemy at one time was the plastic smart card, subscribers take the card and program it in a hacked way. Today I think they are very close to shut it down with their new code several times a day. The other rising problem those new receiver that you can flash its EPROM. No one can stop dedicated hackers just like spammers but to prevent it from happening at first place.

I personally got i/o Cable, internet, phone package unlimited calls 5 cable set-ups with 2 Digital receivers 1-HD for my 42" Panasonic Plasma PIP + a TIVO (DVR) all for $102.56 a month and my family and I all love it.
But it is fun to see all of these Junior hackers go at it.

Let me also add one of the most growing problems to DN and BEV. HD receivers are being modified with internal and external unblocker ROM to get HD broadcast. This is the main boiling problem, yes they hacked to HD equipment. What about DTV? Well no one wants to bother with equipment that receives QPSK to decode where all standard receivers compatible with MPEG-2 and AC3. But this doesn't mean they are safe forever may be for SD 4:3 standard broadcast. But for MPEG-4 HD is another ball game???
I will have a nice post within few days you may want to stay tuned.
Good Luck to all of you

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I would like to express one of my views and this is just my personal opinion, don't take it as Gospel please.

Intercepting a beam of radio of any sort in your Backyard is no Civil Violation
Purchasing a third party MPEG-2 receiver is no Crime either
Modifying your own property any way or shape nothing wrong either
Sharing any knowledge on the internet advising others is Our Civil Liberty

With all of these you are driving a Space Faring. Such Hobbies and Activities are the seeds that will grow our knowledge into Space Businesses and Industries. They are so much fun and great participation in Space Exploration and Development to all Generations.

But I really don't like to see anyone extending this beyond the Primary goal of Space Hobby. Meaning don't use this superior knowledge for a personal gain. Such as:
Selling these devices for profit Publicly or Private
That is Criminal. And I will not personally share or exchange anything with any known Criminal Among Us.

Let's keep it all Clean Space Hobby
I got such terrific information in Progress
Stay tuned
p/s Anything I do is my own Development

Good Luck to all of Us.

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I'll share what ever knowlege I have with anyone for free. Long live FTA!

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Courtesy of www-lygnsat-com
Hispasat 1C at 30.0°W
Select Beam
Measured in dbW

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Courtesy of www-lygnsat-com
Intelsat Americas 5 at 97.0°W
Select Beam
Measured in dbW

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What Radio Beam goes thru my Backyard
I'm sorry to tell you there are dozens of them
Each one in Mega Watts
Just like a light bulb measured in Watt or a laser beam (unit measurement is dbW)

Please be aware that all of my work is original coming straight from my keyboard even my physics equations and examples. NO COPYRIGHT YOU MAY USE THEM IN DIFFERENT FORUMS. Just don't claim it is your's. I do not read any Popular Science. This is me and my first name is King known as the Tape Man.

Db is Decibal
DbW is the Intensity strength relative to 1 Watt unit
This is like how bright the light bulb is?
Physics equation uses Log(10) to express a wide range between 10W to 1,000,000W
If you can refere to a public record on a map directly above you'll see zones measured in dbW. The highest Max is 60 dbW= 1M Watt=1,000,000W or the smallest is 10dbW=10W.

10 Log [Po/Pi.1W] ...... o=output i=input
Typical Frequency Modulation in Broadcast is 55 dbW
Your typical Linear or Circular LNB will reject any beam below 30dbW
If you are expecting a 35 dbW and loosing 5dbW due to alignment or crossed beams most likely are loosing several thousands of Watts your LNB may not be able to detect it.

Sound pressure level is 10 Log [po2/pi2] or 20 Log [po/pi]
So if you amplify a .01 V or 10mv to 2 Volts
Gain = 45 db

But don't worry your ear won't hear it because they are in GHz
Your ear can hear between 20 to 20,000 Hz or 20kHz
And You won't hear'm either because they are above our Light Spectrum Vision

SO I Dare Anyone tell me I can't intercept any Radio Beam in Backyard
The Beam is theirs but the Air is Mine
This is just like laser guided bombs
We are all Targets in this Space Age

Next Topic: How can I understand Hexadecimal numbers in Conditional Access Codes used by the micro processor.
Stay Tuned I got hundreds of Topics.

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just download the auto roll and shut the hell up

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how do i get epg back pnst2700 bn 288. had110,119... added 91west
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