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I have BEV which is working on Nimiq 1.

I want to get channel 730 for India - South Africa cricket starting on Sunday. I have scanned twice but do not get this channel. Is there any way I can get Channel 730 on Nimiq1?

My friend is able to receive this channel on Nimiq2. When I go to Installation I see Nimiq 2 listed. However when I scan on for Nimiq 2 it scans a dishnetwork channel.

Can any one help?

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you should delete all channels and do a factory reset, then scan
Get more help at

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Don't go to that link....Nassa u lil monkey why u posting this crap all over the place!!!!

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Hey Mississauga User
-If your friend is getting this chan on Nimiq-2 then you should get it on nimiq-2 don't search in nimiq-1
-If you scan Nimiq and you get dish it is probably pointed on 119 or 110 SO WHAT YOU NEED IS TO POINTED TO 82 or pointed to 91 with 2 LNBs you can get both Nimiq-1 and 2
If you give me your town, state I will calculate it for you
- OR IF YOU MOVE YOUR DISH ROUGHLY 12 TO 15 DEGREES Toward east it will do
Don't be affraid to ask me anything you want
-Make sure use BEV keys too

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King Tape

Thanks for the very helpful hints.

I am in Toronto, Canada. Can I get both Nimiq 1 and Nimiq 2 on 91 becuse I know my BEV dish is pointed to 91

My friend suggested that I do the following

1) Turn the Diseqc off for Nimiq1 and check Nimiq1 off in the installation menu

2) Select Nimiq 2 and assign it the same Diseq # as Nimiq 1 and do a blind scan.

Other than channel 730 I get all the channels I need on Nimiq1. Do I get the same channels + channel 730 on Nimiq2

Again thanks for your help

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Hello There

I know I don't really have a place to post on this thread, however, I just read that someone in Toronto (Mississauga User) is on board. I was very interested to know if you wouldn't mind, with your Nimiq 1, you mention you get all the channels you need. May I ask what channels you receive? Also, do you have any special attachment for the LNB's, or simply an LNB in the Bell 82 slot, and you're picking-up channels? Do you get stuff such as Silver Screen Classic, Cool Tv. Fight Network free preview, and any PPV? Thanks so much.

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Sorry I do not know the answers to your questions since the dish was installed by the guy from whom I bought it.

I mainly use BEV for the Canadian channels like CBCand HG, OLN, ROB TV etc.

If you let me know the channel numbers you are looking for I can check it out tonight and let you know

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Hey John Paul Jones
How can you ask someone to give you all the channels that are on Nimiq 1.?
There are (384) TV channels and (83) Radio Stations.

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Hey, Kavin why didn't u flame John for hijacking MU 's thread,"never seen this before"?

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Hello There

Sorry if there was confusion regarding my post and question. Never was I asking someone to give me all the channels as Kavin Reno stated. I was simply asking Mississauga, since he has Nimiq 1 open, if perhaps he was receiving channels, such as, The Fight Network Preview, Fishing Network, Cool Tv., and Silver Screen Classics. That's it. (4) channels, not everyone!

With regard to you Mississauga, I can't tell you the channels numbers sadly, because they won't come n on my wide open Nimiq 1. That is why I was asking if you had them on your wide open Nimiq 1.
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