Problem with Diseq 119 & 148


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Hi Folks,

I have two satellites 148 & 119. I'm getting 80-90% signal on both but Qulaity level is 0% on 119. 148 is wirking fine but I coudn't get anything on 119.

here are my settings:
Pansat 2700A
Diseq 1 = 148
Diseq 4 = 119

Diseq 1 = 148
Diseq 4 = 119

I tried to do a blind scan on 119 but it didn't catch any TP's and channels.

Don't know what to do .... Both satellites were working fine before the last ECM.

Please Help !!!!!!

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check the thread HBO east, and see if the problem is similar - solution could apply to u as well.

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update the bin then enter your keys by hand for 119 reset the box then turn back on to channel 101 or dish network testing channel (might be in higher number)

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U can also try to conect 119 direct to your STB (bypass the switch). Set the STB settings accordingly. If you still get no quality on signal then recheck your conections,cable, and eventualy even the LNB. Also are your LNB's correct type? Particularly the one U use on 119, is it circular or some other type of? U can switch them between each other if U think the 119 one is faulty. However if you do get the quality then eather your swith is not working properly or something is not right in your STB settings. By the way why do have the119 on switch port #4. In your set up I'd put it on #1 and Diseq on corresponding #1 and 148 on #'s 2. Just a thoght.
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