CS6000 with 134 rolls slow.....


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I am running a CS6000 with the 134 bin, the box is working good except that when ever there is a key change it takes about half an hour for it to roll the keys. Is there a fix for this?

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NO..just be patient...sometimes keys roll in 10 seconds and other times it may take an hour!...and the bin doesn't matter..that happens with all autoroll bins and all receivers..I put it on CNN channel when I know there is a key change coming..

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Username: Lroy

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Thanks for your response.........

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QUESTION FOR LK: I am running CS6000 134 bin, is it necessary to turn slot 78 and 79 off, and if not turning off these slots with the 135 bin, how will that affect the performance of the box if any?

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Put it on a channel with the highest signal quality. It will roll faster. It depends on where you live. Cnn could be high quality for someone or low quality for someone who lives in another area. Quality seems to be highest for the 119 bird in the south and up in the north the 110 bird seems to have the highest quality.

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ATTENTION!!! A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good day "Happy C00Sat Testers!" A good friend shared a secret with me yesterday... Since the Autoroll isn't working properly, all you do next time they change the keys is to flick the on and off switch on the back or your receiver OFF for 15 seconds then switch it back on again then you'll see Scramble Channel for a few minutes while it resets itself then it will roll and find the new keys automatically! Then you watch FREE TV again... Simple as eating pie my friends!!! Happy testing!!!



P.S. Please post this message in the last 3 Autoroll fix posts for the 4000, 5000, and 6000 so everybody knows how to do this easy way of changing their keys... please.... putting them in by hand really sucks man!
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