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My friend installed a corrupted he is stuck on B 70......any idea how to fix this

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try to load back the old bin,the bin u have before.....

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for some reason he isnt able to install anyhting,,,,I told him to try installing the original file from pansatusa then the new working bin....but nothing seems to just goes to b 70 and it stays there....any suggestion

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how about 3500 factory bins??or can he load anything at all???

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no he cant load anyhting.....weird hey....

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later you need to ask LK about this,he help u out..i have no clue..

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) from (great site for Pansat info and factory bins)..the B-70 isue as well as others is addressed here...thats a VERY simple fix!...enjoy!

BTW ...Pansat is owned by Panarex since 1983..

Question #1

I bought a Pansat model 2700A or 3500S from E-bay or another vendor. How can I determine whether it's a genuine or counterfeit product?

Answer: Panarex stopped sellin g the 2700A model in May, 2006. The current Pansat model is the 2700A but is newly labeled " 2700A(IR) " on the product packaging. There are two distinguishing labels: one titled "2700A(IR)" as well as a FCC label on the back panel of the receiver. Another change in the current, authentic 2700A(IR) product is the switch from a Pansat universal remote to a Pansat (IR) re g ular remote.

Panarex stopped sellin g the Pansat 3500S model in April, 2006. The current model we are sellin g is the Pansat 3500SD . The 3500SD model is essentially the same as the 3500S model except that it includes a 128Mb SD memory card.

* Another feature of authentic Pansat models is located on the AC power cord. Near the prongs of the AC power cord plug head is an imprint of the manufacturer's name which is "KJ-10W, Kuk Je Ton g Shin." All genuine Pansat units have this feature. cloned units have a variety of different labels on the AC power cord plug such as "HBAB", "AWIN", random numbering or a variety of other imprints.

* The remote control for an imitation unit looks significantly different compared with our original one. The imitation remote is made of inexpensive plastic (lightweight to the touch and), and of inferior quality and technology (less function buttons). Visit the products section of our website located at to see pictures of authentic Pansat remotes.

* On some fake Pansat receivers, the front LED display shows a large green dot (1/4" in diameter). Please note that there are discrepancies in imitation receivers: we have seen the green dot appear on some fake models' LED display screens but not on others. Authentic Pansat receivers never have a large green dot appear on the front LED display.

When Panarex's application software ( 05/26/2006 version) has been or is downloaded onto a counterfeit receiver, a message will appear on the television screen that states " Warning. This product may be a cloned or defective. Please call your supplier a.s.a.p. before damage occurs. " We have developed a safety mechanism to protect our customers as well as proprietary information such as our trademark and technology. If you see this warning, please contact the seller you bought the receiver from and immediately return the product. The best way to purchase Pansat products is through sellers recommended by Panarex's sales team. We strongly urge you not to purchase Pansat products through any internet seller who does not list their full company information (i.e. address, telephone number). Our sales team can give you information on the nearest reliable sellers in your area. Feel free to contact us during business hours. Your satisfaction with authentic Pansat products is our goal.

Cheap reproductions will damage easily due to inferior technology and are not covered under our warranty.

Note: If you are a customer who submits information on a seller of counterfeit Pansat merchandise (i.e. company name, street address, telephone number, e-mail address, the seller's name, an invoice showing purchase or other information leading to the arrest of the counterfeiter), Panarex will review your claim and replace the imitation merchandise with authentic Pansat product(s).

Question #2

I have a Pansat 3500S/SD model which displays a "b-70" messa g e on the front LED screen and the SD memory card function is not accessible. The television screen is blank and there is no menu diplayed. What can I do to repair the receiver?

Answer: This situation can occur when the receiver's direct power source is interrupted before download is complete. The "b-70" messagesignifies that the receiver has lost all of its saved memory data. Do not panic. The receiver's memory can be restored to its normal condition by downloading software from your computer to the receiver. You can use the boot method download from your computer by using a null modem data cable connected to the receiver. After you connect the receiver to your computer, use one of the following two methods:

1. Turn the receiver's main power off (use reset switch on back panel). Open the GTRom Loader v3.40. Next, open the bin file to download. First, mouse click on the download then immediately turn the receiver power on. A dot on the receiver's LED display will move left to right while the computer counts down from 1-100%. If successful, a "ON" or channel number will appear on the receiver's LED display. If the download has failed, the "b-70" message will appear again on the LED display and the computer will read that the action has failed. Try this method again or use method #2.

2. Turn the receiver's power off and then back on. As soon as the "b-70" message appears on the front LED display, click download on the GTRom Loader v3.40 with your computer.

If, after trying g the above two methods, you continue to experience technical problems with the receiver, send it back to Panarex for repair. Please refer to the policy and procedure statement attached below:

GTRom Loader v3.40 (3500S/SD)
Return Policy and Procedure

Question #3

I have a Pansat universal remote control, but can't seem to program it with my television or DVD player using any of the codes in the manual. What can I do and how can I program other manufacturer's universal remote controls with my Pansat receiver?

Answer: Pansat universal remote controls are made by using g OTC (one time programmed chip) technology which has a limited range of information codes for major name brand equipment available at the time of manufacturing . If you have another brand's pro g rammable remote control, you can program it with the Pansat remote control by aiming them at each other and following the instructions in that brand's manual.

Question #4

It seems like my Pansat universal remote is not working. Is there a troubleshooting guide to fix it?

Answer: Try the following methods to check and fix the remote:

1. Did you press the "STB" button first before trying to control the receiver? "STB" means set top box which is the standard industry term for receiver. It is the same function as pressing "TV" before operating the television or "VCR" before using the VCR.

2. Check the battery power and replace them if necessary. When you press the remote buttons, the power button will flash bright red if the power is good but will flash a dim red or none at all if the battery power is low or gone.

3. Reset the remote control by opening the battery compartment. Take one of the batteries and reverse its direction and place it back in the compartment. Press some of the buttons on the remote a couple of times and then, place the batteries back to their regular direction.

If you've tried all three of the suggestions above and your remote control is still inoperable, send it to us for repair or replacement.
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