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Free files here...latest current bins, factory bins, manuals and gu...LK10
Direct Tv Dishnet QuestionLK3
Horse Racing channel Anybody help?t11
NICK Jr channeljohn1
DN just went downpasitvart200610
Bev key .....Hc7
Keys have been changed. Get the new ones.pasitvart2006127
Veiwsat 2000Hawaiian_time6
Are we down ???mao_tao4
Does any1 no where channle (horizon) wentMike1
Viewsat 2000 platinumwilliam michael tysi3
61.5 channel listLK8
Linear & Universal LNB Questionj....LK2
Help with buying dish or directLK4
Romanian chanellsandrew percy2
Pansat 2700Ajack17
C00lsat v1.35 - 4000/5000/6000bobby2
Neosat iPro 1000 - where to get best dealbobby2
New Bin Code for Techsat ReceiverJewelle Ransom1
Multiple Recieversbruce l3
Multiple RecieversKingFish2
Bell and Dish New PlatformColin2
Motorized Dish ( help needed)KaBob6
Pansat Clone 2500 goes Stuck on channelTamara1
Echo 5 question Kavin Reno2
Can't get more than 1 hr epg on cs5kfta logger1
Are these RCA Direct TV Boxes w/1 card worth anything?Glen10
What is the proper setting for Blind Scan?Hc2
Dishnetwork and BellExpressVu KeysAV1
Cw600s scrambled channelChas4
Audio problem on pansat 3500MINN ROCK5
Neosat iPro - v1.7 B1 Autoroll bobby1
New keyslouie low14
Coolshat down in Ont. Racer8
New keys as of Oct. 12 at 9:00pmkels1
OpKey 10-12-06 Chris1
Are we down?Gizmorj7
P0RN channelspepe robinho9
Leafs gameDarshan Raja2
Dream BoxDerrick Elliott1
DN channels movedThePro18
Transponders change UpdatedThoronto2
Any news on C1(armenian channel)Mike1
Current NagraVision 2 KeysBlack Eagle3
Clean Safe 2700 279bin don1
Dish Working .... but not sony, zee, and zee cinemaThePro30
Tp for nhl center ice?usama ahmed1
NEW FIX ClonesOrziz Aziz4
FTA Status ReportMc Sunny1
Need Help with pansat2500a channelsjon dan1
Which viewsat to buyGrim5
???? about bin 281Grim2
Scanning a single TP with a Pansat & Viewsat RecieverMc Sunny1
Have anyone tried 281 at dsscentral?davidvandiesel8
Help...ther is a problem w/my fortec l.u.Fida Rahman7
Faulty DiSEqC Switch?Kavin Reno1
Need Help with 2500a Dish Pro SettingsDWBranscome1
18 by 24 dish questionPukka5
Pansat 3500 and Exxxtacy NetworkJeff Potter1
Sonicview helpbob1
2700a uf remotechrisduclo3
AMC 4 & Echo9 questionNikk Mty4
Help with Viewsat XtremeLBT2
Multiple Directv ReceiversNikk Mty2
Help pansat no powerNikk Mty9
CS 5000 and 6000 134 question...bobby8
Kusat Pro 2600A - Help!jaime pastora6
Keys not workingMINN ROCK4
Police bust Quebec satellite piracy operationRanjeet Bins4
Dish Size and LNB for 118.75Han Dan2
new pansat bins from bl...autoroll fixedAntonio Chicas8
Indian channelsjackie12
Problems with the new pansat binHawaiian_time7
For all those that lost HBO, SHOW, PPV a FIXa a i12
Latest for Ariza Receiversalishahzad2
Fortec Life Ultra 281T autorollsmbenz1
Nhl center ice?Zamud Haman5
Bin odditymick matters3
Scream Channel... Where'd it go?Shenanigans3
How to enter the new keys in a Cools@t 5000 platinum? bobby4
Less channels with new bin and rescanPukka1
Null cable for megasatPro, coo*lsat,, new Pansatlich tran1
At fixes the autoroll issue New Bin for Pansat fixes Auto RollStealth1
Problem with uploading binNikk Mty7
Magnum v120 - 10/10/2006bobby1
Channels r gone!!Luky492
Good Channel List for CL5000 for BevT1
EuroNews???kris kros2
New bin out 281 pansat2500autoroll fix bruce l1
Have 3500 SD, Bin 061009_360euby, new keyspaul n2
Magnum v119 - 10/10/2006bobby1
Co0lsat 133 and 134 diference bobby2
Channels getting Deletedlroy tipit3
Sonicview users, need your help!Monica12
S2emu and skystar2 vs N2Ari1
New Pansat 2700 (Genuine) for Sale Z1
Indian channel fix...mph10
Hey does any1 no fix for channel: C1 Mike1
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