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New keys?

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Nagra2 Keys
Updated: Thursday, October 12 2006
Dishnet Keys, Provider 0101:

Key0: 2F 64 46 8B 3D F3 27 DA 59 A3 31 51 F2 F2 24 34 (Active)
Key1: 2F 1F 8F 26 51 18 BA 33 5F 95 1C DB EE 18 68 D9

Bev Keys, Provider 0901:

key0: C9 BB A9 83 ED AE 55 D6 62 DE 45 C1 EF 14 B5 D3 (active)
Key1: 99 AB 62 AB 10 07 1C E8 A2 6B 2A 2A B5 B0 9C 57

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their gone again!!!

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Fta Keys

Dish has begun morphing keys. This may only effect some channels on Dish at this time, but has effected most on the *other. There is a new B1 routine that is similar to fake keys. For FTA, manually entering keys and turning auto-roll off will get you back up and running. They are disabling autoroll by morphing the 12th byte, there is no fake keys being sent. They are however checking for autoroll routines. The B1 they are using is effecting all forms of testing. It is unknown whether new bins will be released to address this at this time. Remember...Shut off autoroll and put in today's keys. If it goes black again...check for newer keys to manually enter.

Current DISH Network NagraVision 2 Keys

Dish Keys 00 (86): 2F 64 46 8B 3D F3 27 DA 59 A3 31 51 F2 F2 24 34

00: 2F 64 46 8B 3D F3 27 DA

01: 59 A3 31 51 F2 F2 24 34

Dish Keys 01 (96): 17 99 73 9F 04 B7 F0 2A AD 02 51 13 67 5C 6E 4A

00: 17 99 73 9F 04 B7 F0 2A

01: AD 02 51 13 67 5C 6E 4A


Dishnet & other providers can swap back and forth from one key to the other. If one does not work...try the other

Dish & other providers CAN also, and sometimes WILL run both keys active where some channels such as po*rn would work with one key, and the other channels with the other active key

• Most FTA's use the old N1 key spots in firmware, So they split the 16 byte key into two 8 byte keys.
• These aren't accurate as Key00 and Key01 but rather are half's of the active key
• Your more current stb flashes will support both keys for each provider now.
Thank you from [link removed]
Copy and Paste

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That is an old copy/paste from 1 week ago...the new bins with autoroll released this past week, have overcome the B1 autorolls are working..

and the N1 info is over 1 year old and not true now..

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please bin for microyal

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I have never used bev net how do I set it up on my (C)oolsat 4000would it be under odent as express vu? and what sat is globe cast comming in on thanks

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kamal...Use the list of reputable DSS sites thread below..and go get the bin...there are NO bins here!
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