61.5,119,110 on dlshnetwork's installation for pan sat


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Before I moved in to the current house, I have poor man's setup: 2 500, one with 2 lnbs pointed to 119 and 110, and the other 500 has 1 lnb pointed to 91. Then I have a switch connect these 3 lnb to pan sat 3500. Everything worked very well. My current place already has 2 dishes on the roof. By looking at it, I think its installed by dlshnetwork, and it has dp twin point to 110/119 and another one point to 61.5. I found the cable in the attic and I connected it to the 3500. No matter what I do, I can only get 61.5, and after blind scan, it would turn into bad channel after few minutes. Can anyone help me out?

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Twin Lnbs only works with d.n. equipment, (it has internal switch wich is operated by D.N equipment. You need to remove twin lnbs and install the ones from your old dish. (dual lnbs,) try that.

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I have a new magnum xv3300, but i seem not to be able to pick signal on echostar 3 (61.5).
Do something happenned to this sattellite????
is off the air???...what?
If you guys get any info on this, plese post.


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da-nee...Your info is NOT true!...Dish Pro (DP) TWIN LNB's work GREAT on FTA as well as Dishnet receivers!

eric...ALWAYS First try a RESET (shut OFF switch in back of receiver for 5 minutes, then back ON) whenevr U have ANY problems..U also might need to recheck yor antenna LNB and port settings in the receiver...and need to use a disque or DP switch (no SW switches with Pansat) to combine the signals, and switches do go bad often..

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LK is right its just a matter of setting your receiver right. supports dp aslong as it knows dp is what you are using does not have auto switch.

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I have a pansat 2700a and was wondering if anyone can help me with a channel list. Mine seem to be messed up.


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Could start a new tread but this is not very different from the original posting.
Like many out there I am trying to utilize the old D/N equipment and get it to work with VSX at minimal expense. Used to use D/N receivers.
What I have now:
1.)dish #1. = eliptical dish antena, has dual twin D/N LNBF (with internal switch). Aim at 110(Echo 8.1) and 119(Echo 7).
2.)dish #2. = has single dual LNBF. Aim at 61.5 (Echo 3).
3.) Switch(es) - SW21
4.) STB is VS Extreme
With this equipment have been able to put to work always only two sats at the time but not the third one.
I understand this is due to combination of "internal switch in dual LNB and as well the incorect SW21.
From reading here and elswhere I understand that DishPro should be workable but not the Dish 500.
If this is corect then - Question: what determines which is it "Pro" or "500"?
LK is mentioning above that a "DP switch" should be used. I'm sure this is correct advice.
Question: what is DP switch (does that stand for DishPro or somethin else)? Which type (model #) to use in this particular application / set up, assuming there is more then one type of "DP"?
Before I get anymore swithes or go easy route (changing the LNBF's and switches) I'd like to try to get this set up working because I suspect there might be whole bunch of other testers who would like to hear the solution to this. If succesfuly tested I will post exact set up later on this forum.
Thanks for help.

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Tom and Eric MVK: I am posting this in the hope it will help you. I have posted this before as well. The information is very detailed and explicit and from very reliable sources.

My information is that Superdish is good for two satellites, usually 110 and 119. The newer Plus dish is good for three. For the third satellite, the recommendation has been that you should use a separate dish and point to either 61.5 (echo 3 eastern regions) or 148 (western regions). I have the following information in my personal archives downloaded from somewhere.
'Q: What if I want more HDTV channels or International channels?
A: The Dish 500 picks up both 110 and 119 satellites (orbital position) for all the regular programming and HDTV broadcasts. International channels and some new local channels are broadcast on satellites located at 61.5 and 148. You just choose the one that gives you the best unobstructed view. However, to pick up three satellites, you will need an 18 inch dish with an LNB in addition to the Dish 500 and a way to seamlessly connect both dishes to your receiver(s).
How you connect the two dishes depends on which type of LNB you have on the Dish 500. If you have the standard TWIN LNB (that doesn't have DP or DishPro printed on it), for one receiver you would connect one output from the Twin LNB to an SW-21 switch and one output from the LNB on the 18 inch dish to the other side of the SW-21 switch. For two receivers, you need a dual LNB on the 18 inch dish and a second SW-21 switch.
For more than two legacy receivers and a second dish, you can use the standard Quad LNB and two SW-21 switches to bring the signal from both dishes to two receivers. To have HDTV and/or international channels on up to 4 receivers, you could also use SW-64 switch. The SW-64 switch has 6 inputs and 4 outputs for up to 4 receivers.
If you have a new DP Twin LNB, or the DP Quad LNB on your Dish 500 you can use a DP Single LNB on the 18" dish and use the DP SW-21 switch to connect the two dishes. The DP SW-21 switch has two inputs and one output for the 6000U. You will need a DP adapter to connect the 6000U to the DP components. '

The DP34 gets its power from the receiver, which should be on for the switch to work. You might want to consider putting a separate power supply to DP34. You might also consider using a DP3437 dishpro adaptor, connect to one outlet of your DP34 and power it separately. Then connect your old receiver to it. You can also put a DP33 or similar amplifier from the DP34 outlet before connecting one or two receivers.

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Thanks Nalin. I'll see what to do with this. Let me go through this stuf.
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