VS Extreme Manual Key Insertion Instructions


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First get keys with Keyripper (google it)

Turn Autoroll off:

Menu Key
Scroll to Options (enter)
Scroll to Autoroll
Select OFF
Exit key

Enter keys:

Scroll to Installation (enter)
Scroll to Code (enter) (if it asks for a pin, try 0000)
Scroll to Nagra (enter)

LEFT Arrow 4 times will bring you to "Dish 01 0100"
The display will look like this:

00 (8 pairs)
08 (8 pairs)
09 (8 pairs)
88 (8 pairs)
89 (8 pairs)

Keyripper displayed the keys as 86 (16 pairs) and 96 (16 pairs)

The first 8 pairs of 86 belong to the 08 line.
The second 8 pairs of 86 belong to the 09 line.

The first 8 pairs of 96 belong to the 88 line.
The second 8 pairs of 96 belong to the 89 line.

With me so far?

Replace the keys that don't match what you got from Keyripper. Those are the active keys. If it has been a while, and none of them match, well just replace them all.....mmmmkay?

Look at the bottom of your screen to find out which keys to press to get A B C D E F.
If it tells you "text" for F use the COLOR key.

Now that you have CHECKED YOUR INPUT press exit, and yes to save.

You may also need to replace the keys in the "DISH 00 0100" menu. This menu is one RIGHT Arrow from the menu you just updated.

Simply pay attention to the Header and you won't get lost. Continuing to press the left or right arrow keys will wrap around, and bring you back.


And you should now have picture.

You BEV folks can do the same by arrowing to the BEV sections.

I hope this helps with the confusion!

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not the illustrious viewsat, ohh my!!!
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