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last month when i bought a VSEXtreme from the loacal flea market for 180 cdn i didnt know anything about clones, now i know he sold me a clone and he wont give my money back and or anything and i cant find a way to send the new bin to my reciever, So i was wondering is it illegal to sell clones, (maybe i can blackmale him into givin me my money back lol

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its NOT illegal to sell clones..or genuines..but cannot state that its a genuine Viewsat, made by Viewtech and sell a clone from another company..all Viewsat are made in if yours says made in China, then ..and if seller never said it was a true viewsat, then he cannot be sued...but good luck!

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[link removed]

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oh thanks, i read on somewhere that VIEWTECH, INC. DECLARES WAR ON VIEWSAT CLONES!

Viewtech, Inc. is offering a $5000 reward to any individual or company that provides information leading to the conviction of any individual or company involved in the importation and/or distribution of illegal, counterfeit, Viewsat clones.

Viewtech, Inc. takes counterfeiting very seriously and will aggressively protect its business. Viewtech, Inc. has hired private investigators and a legal team to track down those illegally importing and distributing counterfeit products. We are currently pursuing several leads . Individuals and companies involved will be exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.

WARNING TO ALL VIEWSAT BUYERS- Viewtech, Inc. is aware that counterfeit Viewsat clones are being manufactured in China and are being imported by companies in the US and Canada. We strongly recommend that you buy from authorized dealers only. Authorized dealers will carry the authorized dealer logo pictured below. That logo must link to /// page. Note: Number will be different for each dealer . This page will confirm if the dealer is legitimate. Authorized dealers receive this logo only after they have executed a dealer agreement stating, in part, that they are not and will not in anyway be involved in the illegal distribution of counterfeit Viewsat clones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a counterfeit Viewsat clone?

A: A counterfeit Viewsat clone is a cheap copy of the original. A genuine Viewsat is of high quality and manufactured in Korea. The illegal copies are currently being made in China. Manufactures in China are able to make a cheap copy that is designed to fool the unsuspecting consumer. Because the counterfeit manufacture cuts several corners to reduce cost, the units are sub-standard and often cease to function within weeks. When the unit fails, you are then stuck with worthless hardware that cannot be legally repaired.

Q: Which models are being cloned?

A: Both the Viewsat Xtreme and Viewsat Platinum models are currently being cloned.

Q: What are the dangers of buying a counterfeit Viewsat clone?

A: If you knowingly buy a counterfeit clone, you are committing a crime. While they look the same, they are not. They are cheap copies of the original. When you buy a clone, you are being ripped off! You get an inferior product. The product is not covered under warranty. The product will most likely fail to operate a short time after purchase because of poor workmanship and may be incompatible with official Viewsat factory firmware.

Q: If counterfeit clones are identical to the original, how will I know if I have one?

A: Even the best counterfeits can be identified. We have several ways of detecting counterfeits. If you suspect you have a clone or that someone is selling clones, please contact us at [link removed]

Q: What if I buy a clone by accident?

If you find out you have purchased a counterfeit Viewsat clone, Viewtech, Inc. will exchange the clone with an authentic unit free of charge if the following requirements are met: (1) You must have a receipt and complete contact information from the individual or company you purchased from.;(2) Viewtech, Inc. must be able to verify the information provided in (1); and (3) You must sign a document stating that you were unknowingly sold a counterfeit clone by the company or person identified in (1). Viewtech, Inc. will offer this complementary replacement for the first 100 counterfeit Viewsat units received. This offer is limited to one replacement per person.

Q: How do I know if I am buying from an authorized dealer?

A: Authorized dealers are issued an Official Authorized Dealer logo and number like the one below. They should have their logo posted prominently on their website. Dealers that do not have a website should be able to provide you with their Authorized dealer number. For example, if the dealer's number is 123456, you can then verify the number by going to ///

If you have any more questions regarding counterfeit Viewsats or you would like to report a counterfeit Viewsat seller, please contact [link removed].

We appreciate any and all assistance in bringing these criminals to justice. Our goal is not only to protect our products from being devalued, but to protect you, the consumer from getting fooled into buying a poorly made illegal product.


Viewtech, Inc. Staff

DO you think thats true? i got it off dsstester forum

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i wouldn`t believe anything off that site.
didn`t they post false bl bins?
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