DVB cardless now !


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unzip this into your vdr-sc dir (PLUGINS/src/sc-0.5.10)
cd into systems/nagra/emu
gcc -c *.c
cd ../../..
make all
cp ../../lib/libsc-nagra-2.so.* <wherever>

cp systems/nagra/emu/image.bin /tmp

NOTE: you MUST compile the code in 'emu' by hand using 'gcc' and NOT 'g++' BEFORE you run 'make all!
you are good to go. This is VERY crude. the image shouldn't be in /tmp, and it should be able to make, and the code needs a lot of TLC, but I've been at this for a week, and I'm tired, so I'm going to give you something that works for now, and take a break for a while.
you can change the image location by editing emu.c and setting the bath where 'IMAGE' is defined.
Ok, I was asking for it. As I said before, PLEASE don't turn my threads into a chain of 'great work', 'thanks alot', or any other nonsense. I know it is great work I know you'll be thanking me. Just sit back, relax, and watch tv.

And for those who are interested, here is the arm2c.pl script I used to do this:

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do you mean dvr , there are fixes out for linux based systems, well cw1000 anyway and vdr.
dont have either

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I been reading over at another forum, and the long time testers are saying that many of the STBs will be up before next weekend.
It's rather technical, and over my level of understanding. But I tend to believe when a WHOLE GROUP of testers (not loyal to a brand) are saying that the big coders now have EVERYTHING that is needed to get a STB going again.

Looks like they have the same kind of info now that VS had last weekend for this ECM.

Word is that the tester named "NooneImportant" fully opened the VS bin and extracted the algorythym for 3B and map57.

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Noone was always one of the best coders around. No one ever doubted you.
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