Bad news hope this is not true


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ViewSat has been cancelled because of the malicious coding causing good boxes to fail, for constant lying, for employing convicted felon da dsssalesmander, for making idiot moronites BinGobblers out of plain stOOpids, promoting a product and then shutting down the store.

t o t a l fta site moved their bingobblers over here. Warthog is a gross pig, eats lots of cool cash under the table.

The CCC, should detatch itself from the ViewSat empire of shittop boxes and their umpire in chief, da dssalesmander, da bos Don Kim, because of the Grand Jury Indictments for racketeering and other perversions of the pockets.

Yes, ViewSat will be cancelled.

This decision is final, there is no recourse.

We are allowing limited responses in this thread prior to the cancellation of the ViewSat.

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Ya right...and democrats go to heaven.

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here is the website go take a look at it there is a lot of thread

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Curious Contraptions Community > The OT > Rants, Arguments, and Idiocy Page > ViewSat will be Cancelled

amit you are an idiot

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amit is right it is published at this site also amit is not spouting out of a jealous rage it confirms it right here omg you viewsat buyers are financing the terrorists

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Come on guys... look at you... piv.pivpiv? How much credibility a site named piv.pivpiv could have?
Is amazing how much junk people post online and actually believe?!
in my opinion, this is worse than myspace teenager blogs. LOL
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