Rogers Cable TV through internet


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Hi everyone...I live in Toronto and have Rogers cabel internet, I don't have cable tv. I put a splitter on the internet cable hearing that I may be able to get at least basic cable. No such luck, I get about 7 channels. Any way around this? I am in a condo so I can't really get to a filter or anything.


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Username: Connor

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For some reason last week I received 2 more channels but then they were gone in a day. Anyone have any luck getting cable from the internet connection with rogers?

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Anyone have any info or help on this for me? Still haven't been able to figure it out.

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if you want to get basic analog cable just pay for it. analog basic is usually fairly inexpensive.

The reason you cant get video is because the installer placed a video trap on your line when he installed your modem so you couldnt split the line and get basic cable, the trap filters out usually channels 2-74 and since the modem operates above or below these channels it is unaffected by the trap.

there is no way to get those channels as long as the trap is on there because the signal is blocked, and if you take the trap off and they do a tap audit in your area you will be disconnected and might be reported to law enforcement.

now instead of all that you just pay for it and wont get in trouble. I looked and basic cable is only 25.00 a month there. If you cant afford it then watch OTA or get Netflix.
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