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I'm brand new at this FTA thing and I'm looking for some advice on how to start. I've always paid this guy to program everything for me and now I would like to learn. Where do I start and what equipment do I need to program my box? I have a megasat pro. Thanks for any advise.

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paul you need to go to http*//www.ftalife*com/forumdisplay.*php?f=28
replace all of the * with dots in the above addy. you should be able to read up on all that you should need to know for that particular receiver.

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Thanks for the response T. I checked out that link and they do show the bin which is great but unfortunately I need to know what equipment I'll need to download the info into my receiver as well as how to do it. I don't expect anyone to hold my hand through the whole process but if you have a link that can walk me through the procedure and what's needed to do so, that would be ideal. I know new guys like me are a pain sometimes but at least I'm willing to learn.

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There are many great FTA sites which have all the needed info U want!...BUT its not all in 1 link or post...U must read mnay posts and spend some time reading!....I beleive dsscommunity.c*om to be the best and topics are seperated by receiver type making it simple to find your reading material..


U must copy/paste link into browser and REMOVE the * in link...then register for free at dsscommunity...then go to the receiver type U have and READ!...and grab any files U need too...then ask questions AFTER U have read for a few days..

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Paul, you had mentioned that you've always paid someone to do things for you for your sat issues.
You probably don't mind paying $20 and learn a million things regarding ANY questions you may have. I highly recommend "ftasupport.c0m". Sign up for a premium support, and you won't believe what you are going learn from the moderator. DON'T get me wrong. I am not saying that you will not get help if you sign-up for a free membership. With premium membership, ALL your questions gets PRIORITY RESPONSE. Regardless, even if that same question has been asked before. Now, I am not saying, to skip reading other post in the site, just ask to get a quick answer. I do not have a premium membership of that site. But there has been no PM (private mail) that I had asked, left unanswered, when I first started. I suggest to read all her post/threads/replies, before signing up, and you'll find out what I mean. She does not post response to some questions, just because most members, has the answers posted. That's the other thing also - most members are also helpful. NOTE: you do not have access to download section if you are not a premium member.

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u can download everything u need for free from many other places. No need to pay ANY $$. If u read enough for 1 day, u will be watching it that night. Just a process, you dont have to know why or how... just the process to get it going. Then you can read about the hows and whys. But remember, questions that have been asked many times before will get u bashed!!! READ UP!

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No need to rush into anything you'll have plenty of time while you wait for your megasat bin. Viewsat owners are all watching tv as we speak but dish will likely kick their teeth right down their throats as my guess is viewsat doesn't have the entire maprom 57 area. You best go with old reliable cool sat with the card reader and rom 102. Plastic is looking at their cards getting blown out of the water. Only cool sat owners will have working rom 102's. The price of the 102's may reach 400 US a pop.Upload
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